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Crankbrothers | Mallet Trail Pedal Black | Aluminum


Crank Brothers Mallet Trail Pedals Define Your Trail Whether you're cruising the fire roads or shredding the singletrack, you'll want to have some excellent pedals to ride on. The Crank Brothers Mallet Trail Pedals is equipped with a long spindle for stability and speed, two adjustable pins per side for added traction, and an Eggbeater system with a 4-sided entry and superior mud shedding. It features integrated traction pad technology to customize and optimize the ...


Look | Trail Grip Pedal Red | Composite


Look Trail Grip Pedal Say hello to your new favorite trail pedals. The Look Trail Grip Pedals are a unique platform pedal that combines a rubber grip and molded studs for an excellent grip at the pedals, even in wet weather. Look partnered with Vibram, one of the leading manufactures in premium rubber soles on boots, and created Vibram Activ Grip inserts. These inserts are made with a special rubber compound that maintains grip in ...


5Dev | Trail/enduro Flat Pedals | Raw |Clear | Aluminum


5DEV Trail/Enduro Flat Pedals Legendary Grip for Aggressive Riders The 5DEV Trail/Enduro Flat Pedals are grip-focused, lightweight, smooth-rolling pedals for aggressive riders who need the utmost pedal-to-shoe grip and control. These low-profile pedals feature a 5 Axis Machined Design, and are only 11. 38mm thick to minimize risk of pedal strikes—while one degree of dish as well as machined grooves enhance pedal control and grip. The 12 durable steel pins on each side of the ...


Race Face | Chester Composite Flat Pedals Red

$39.00 35% off $60.00 msrp

Race Face Chester Composite Pedals Alloy pedals are great for their resilience and visual appeal, but its no secret that most of the time there's nothing lightweight about them. On the contrary, composite pedals may be light, but they also wear out easier and aren't as keen on footing. Race Face's Chester Composite Pedals offer the best of both realms, using its tough and burly nylon composite body to provide a large platform with the ...


Deity | T-Mac Platform Pedals Black | Aluminum


Deity T-Mac Platform Pedals Your Dream Pedal These Tyler Mc Caul signature pedals by Diety, the T-Mac, feature a huge 110mm x 105mm platform and an aggressive concave shape. The 6061 platform measures only 14mm thin at the center and spins on sealed bearings and a heat-treated Cr-Mo spindle. 14 traction pins live on each side to ensure those feet stay firmly rooted and secured for the long journey up and over the biggest of ...


Race Face | Ride Composite Flat Pedals Red


RACE FACE RIDE COMPOSITE PEDALSA SLIM NYLON COMPOSITE PLATFORMClipping into your pedals isn't for everyone or every situation. If you're riding aggressively on the trails, sometimes a platform pedal makes more sense. The Race Face Ride Composite Pedals feature a slim nylon composite platform and offers a concave and lightweight design for legitimate performance. The molded traction pins provide excellent grip without the risk of damaging your shoes or shins. Features Durable Cro Moly steel ...


Shimano | Xt Pd-M8100 Spd Pedals W/ Cleat (Sm-Sh51) | Aluminum


Shimano PD-M8100 SPD Pedals The Shimano M8100 XT pedals feature a stiff and lightweight design optimized for XC riding. Wider contact points offer efficent power transfer and the strategic pedal body design enhances mudshedding. Features Wider edge-to-edge pedal–shoe interface transmits power efficiently Works best with XC series shoes1. 0 mm cleat spacers included Stiff and lightweight design assists aggressive trail riding Lightweight Improved axle durability Weight: 342 grams | Shimano | ...


Spank | Spoon100 Pedals Blue | Aluminum


Spank Spoon 100 Pedals The Spank Spoon 100 pedals are a versatile platform pedal that is designed for aggressive trail riding. The Spoon 100 pedals are Spanks medium-sized Spoon pedal and feature a 100mm x 105mm pedal platform to fit riders with a men’s size 7-10 shoe. The aluminum alloy body has ten pins per side and features a concave profile, with the pins and pedal profile being shorter in the middle of the pedals ...


Race Face | Atlas 22 Platform Pedals Red | Aluminum


Race Face Atlas 22 Platform Pedals Guess who’s back, back again Race Face’s all new Atlas pedals are a premium set of pedals designed to elevate your riding experience. Their all new design is wider, thinner, and even more durable than ever before. The large alloy platform paired with 20 adjustable traction pins ensures you’ll have plenty of grip and stability in even the worst riding conditions. Its 6061 aluminum pedal body is insanely strong ...


Spank | Oozy Reboot Pedals Red | Aluminum


Spank Oozy Reboot Pedals Introducing the Spank Oozy Reboot Pedals, the same award-winning Oozy Pedal you know and love, now with a crank boot-compatible axle and new colors to choose from. The Spank Oozy Reboot Pedal is made from six-series aluminum alloy for a lightweight and durable construction and features a hollow taper, cold-forged chromoly steel axle for durability. Each pedal has 18 steel pins that can be adjusted and replaced, and the pedal profile ...


Ht Components | T2 Enduro Race Pedals Black | Aluminum


HT Components T2 Enduro Race Pedals Elite-Level Enduro Pedal When you need the most out of your pedaling power, you'll want to get some clipless pedals on your bike. With clipless pedals, you'll have exceptional control in the most demanding conditions. The HT Components T2 Enduro Race Pedals have been tested and won multiple World Championships, in every condition imaginable and are arguably one of the best clipless Enduro pedal options available. They are made ...


Shimano | Pd-Me700 Spd Pedals Spd W/cleat | Aluminum


Shimano PD-ME700 SPD Pedals Affordability Meets Reliability Shimano’s all new ME700 pedals are proof of trickle down technology. They feature a similar design and features to their higher end brethren but come in at a more affordable price point. They utilize the SPD system, which provides adjustable tension and reliable performance. Consistent uncoupling and a secure design ensure that you can focus on the ride and not on your pedals. A dual-sided design allows you ...


Spank | Spike Reboot Pedals Red | Aluminum


Spank Spike Reboot Pedals Building upon their award-winning Spike Pedal, Spank is proud to introduce their Spike Reboot Pedal. The Spike Reboot Pedal features the same pedal platform you know and love but adds a new crank boot- compatible axle and fresh colorways for 2021. The Spike Reboot Pedal is complete with a six-series aluminum alloy body and a cold-forged, chromoly axle for maximum durability. Sealed bearing and IGUS bushings make for a smoothly working ...


Spank | Spoon110 Pedals Blue | Aluminum


Spank Spoon 110 Pedals The Spank Spoon 110 pedals are a versatile platform pedal that is designed for riders with large feet. The Spoon 110 Pedals are Spank’s largest platform pedal and have a huge, 110mm x 105mm platform. The aluminum alloy body has ten pins per side and features a concave profile, with the pins and pedal profile being shorter in the middle of the pedals and raised on the edges. Spank outfitted the ...


Deity | Deftrap Flat Pedals Black | Composite


DEITY DEFTRAP PLATFORM PEDALSHIGHEST-PERFORMANCE NYLON PEDALPedal choice plays a significant role in your performance and power transfer. Some riders will use clipless pedals, but sometimes having platform pedals is the better option. The Deity Deftrap Platform Pedals are some of the highest-performance nylon pedals ever designed. It features a non-offset symmetrical platform that offers added stability behind the spindle, a true concave pedal profile so your feet sink into it, 10 total ...


Dmr | Vault Pedals Super Blue | Aluminum


DMR Vault Pedals Tuneable MTB Flat Pedals Flat pedals are perfect for riders who want the freedom to put their foot down at any time but still want ample grip on the pedals. The DMR Vault Pedals are equally at home on an all-mountain or downhill setup. They offer great stability and grip for the bumpiest of trails. These pedals feature a low profile for great clearance, a big platform, a tough extruded 6061 aluminum ...


Crankbrothers | Stamp 7 Flat Pedals - Danny Macaskill | Danny Macaskill Edition | Large | Aluminum


Crank Brothers Danny Mac Askill Stamp 7 Pedals Ride like Danny Danny Mac Askill arguably has the best bike control in the entire world. If you haven’t heard of him, go to You Tube now! If you want to ride like Danny, check out his signature pedal. If the pedal fits, wear it. Crank Brothers is offering a pro-level, concaved platform pedal that is size specific. Choose between the large or small based on your ...


Specialized | Boomslang Flat Pedals | Black | Boomslang Platform Pedal | Aluminum

$135.00 25% off $180.00 msrp

Specialized Boomslang Platform Pedals Pedals that stick to your shoes The pedal market has become incredibly competitive with hundreds of companies producing high quality pedals. In the world of flat pedals, pedals have become longer, wider, and more concave. The Specialized Boomslang pedals have all these features and several others that help them stand out from the pack. What makes the Boomslangs unique are their custom undercut pins that taper down from the top which ...


Shimano | Pd-Gr400 Deore Flat Pedals Pd-Gr400 Flat Pedal | Red | Ind.pack | Composite


Shimano PD-GR400 Deore Flat Pedals Affordable and reliable Shimano’s PD-GR400 Deore Flat Pedals are a terrific choice for trail and all-mountain riders in search of a reliable and affordable flat pedal. The Deore Flat Pedals feature a durable resin composite pedal body that’s designed to take hits and roll with the punches. An optimized trail riding platform shape ensures stability. Nine removable pins per side not only keep your feet glued to the pedals, but ...


Dmr | V11 Pedals Black | Composite


DMR V11 Pedals Performance Composite Platform pedals are perfect for riders who still want grip but have the freedom to put their foot down faster on tight turns. The DMR V11 Pedals are molded with the same proven shape as the multi-award-winning Vault pedals, providing a huge platform with DMR's unique concave shape that allows your foot to sit deep into the center for supreme grip. The pedals feature a durable glass-reinforced nylon body, tuneable ...


Time | Atac Mx 6 Pedals Enduro Black | Composite


TIME ATAC MX 6 PEDALSTime’s ATAC MX 6 pedals are an excellent choice for trail, all-mountain, and enduro riders who want a rugged pedal that can handle the most demanding of trails and trail conditions. With its oversized, hollow, steel axle, Time have successfully shaved as much weight as possible without affecting the overall durability. Of course, these wouldn’t be Time pedals without the cult classic ATAC cleat system. The ATAC cleat system is renowned ...


Wolf Tooth Components | Waveform Pedals Large Red | Aluminum


Wolf Tooth Components Waveform Pedals Minnesota-made and ready to rock Ready to tackle any terrain, the all-new Wolf Tooth Components Waveform Pedals build upon Wolf Tooth’s reputation for precision machining and bold design, with all-mountain pedals that can hold up to rugged terrain and big drops, all at a race-ready weight. The Waveform Pedals are CNC-machined in Minnesota out of a single piece of 6061-T6 aluminum, with a dual-concave profile and a tapered leading edge ...


Time | Atac Mx 4 Pedals Enduro Black | Composite


TIME ATAC MX 4 PEDALSConsistent performance on any trail TIME’s ATAC MX 4 pedals are no-nonsense large platform clipless pedals designed to deliver consistent performance. Thanks to the ATAC system, stepping into the pedal is easy as the ATAC system features a wide-angle step-in design. Not to mention that the ever-reliable ATAC system cleans and sheds debris from the pedal the second you step in, ensuring your pedals will always be clean and efficient, regardless ...


Time | Atac Dh 4 Pedals Enduro Black | Aluminum

$53.00 50% off $106.00 msrp

Time ATAC DH 4 Pedals Handles The Roughest Trail Conditions When it comes to aggressive mountain biking, you don't want to use just any pedals. You'll want to use pedals that are robust and can handle the roughest trail conditions. The Time ATAC DH 4 Pedals are rugged for downhill performance. They have an aluminum body and an oversized hollow steel axle. They feature easy pedal entry and exit and they include cleats. Features Aluminum ...


Look | X-Track Race Carbon Ti Pedals Black

$198.00 26% off $270.00 msrp

LOOK X-TRACK RACE CARBON TI PEDALSDEPENDABLE, DURABLE, AND EASY TO USEWhether you're out on the trails or on the streets, clipping into your pedals will great increase your pedaling power and performance. The Look X-Track Race Carbon Ti Pedals provide consistent and reliable performance over time. The spindle is equipped with a double weather-resistant seal and can withstand the worst conditions. It has the best power to weight ratio and features lateral contact support that ...


Shimano | Pd-Gr500 Flat Pedals Black | Aluminum


Shimano PD-GR500 Flat Pedals The Shimano PD-GR500 Flat Pedals are an affordable, multi-purpose option for anyone looking to get out and go with what you have on. Featuring height-adjustable pins, sealed cartridge bearing, and chromoly axle. This flat pedal is essentially the affordable version of the popular Saint flat pedal. No special shoe clipless pedal combos to worry about here. Get on and go, whether that's the local bike park or your commute to work. ...


Specialized | Supacaz Krypto Cnc Alloy Pedal Oil Slick | Aluminum


Supacaz Krypto CNC Alloy Pedal Get ready to fly Modern mountain bikers deserve gear that can handle the most technical of trails and last countless miles. Enter Supacaz’s Krypto pedals which feature a robust CNC'd aluminum body and a CNC-machined Cro-Mo spindle, ensuring the Krypto pedals will be able to handle whatever you throw at them. With ten strategically placed pins per side you’ll never have to worry about not having enough grip when things ...


5Dev | All Around Flat Pedals | Raw |Clear | Aluminum


5Dev All Around Flat Pedals Grip that’s juuuust right The 5DEV All Around Pedal is no one trick pony, this flat pedal is designed to provide you with the right amount of grip to get sendy with confidence while being able to easily reposition your foot when the situation calls for it. The All Around Pedal features 10 replaceable pins on each side, strategically placed to strike a balance between grip and maneuverability. The 6061 ...


Chromag | Radar Flat Pedals | Gold | 9/16" | Aluminum


Chromag Radar Pedals The Grom's Gold Standard The young guns are making their mark on mountain biking, and their level of progression is shocking, to say the least. Chromag, the notorious Whistler-based brand has decided to show the groms some love. Their Radar pedal features a one-of-a-kind platform, built specifically for smaller feet. By adopting the same precision axle and bearing systems from their full-size Contact and Scarab models, Chromag scaled the size down to ...


Time | Atac Mx 2 Pedals Enduro Grey | Composite

$37.00 50% off $74.00 msrp

TIME ATAC MX 2 PEDALSClip from the right, clip from the left, clip cross! Time’s ATAC MX 2 pedals are their no nonsense affordable pedals designed to meet the demands of modern mountain bikers. The larger than a typical xc pedal platform gives riders additional support and inspires confidence, making the ATAC MX 2 pedals a great choice for riders venturing onto the dirt for the first time. With the ATAC system, riders are able ...


Ht Components | M2 Pedals Black | Aluminum


HT Components M2 Pedals Elite-Level Pedals When you need the most out of your pedaling power, you'll want to get some clipless pedals on your bike. With clipless pedals, you'll have exceptional control in the most demanding conditions. The HT Components M2 Pedals have been tested and won multiple World Championships, in every condition imaginable and are arguably one of the best clipless XC/CX pedal options available. They are made from extruded CNC-optimized aluminum for ...


Specialized | Supacz Orbitron Cnc Alloy Pedal Oil Slick | Aluminum


Supacz Orbitron CNC Alloy Pedal The Gold (rather. . . Oil Slick) Standard Supacaz’s Orbitron platform pedals are the ultimate pedal for riders in search of a top of the line alloy pedal. It features 16 replaceable pins per side paired with a low-profile alloy body for maximum grip and traction on any trail. The ultralight pedal body keeps weight down, thus reducing rotational weight and making your ride more efficient. A Cro-Mo axle paired ...