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TRP Spyre Flat Mount Mechanical Brake


TRP SPYRE FLAT MOUNT MECHANICAL BRAKEDisc brakes are very reliable and work well in various conditions. They work well in wet conditions, mud, and dirt. The TRP Spyre Flat Mount Mechanical Brake has two piston movement that evenly contacts the rotors for optimum braking performance. The ramped ball bearings inside offer smooth pad engagement and excellent modulation. The brake pad composite is resin with metal fibers. They do not come with mounting hardware, rotors or ...


TRP Hylex Hydraulic Disc Brake System

$99.99 37% off $159.99 msrp

TRP Hylex Hydraulic Disc Brake System The TRP Hylex hydraulic disc brake system for road levers is a fully hydraulic brake system with master cylinders integrated into the brake hoods. It’s ideal for single speed, cyclocross, and custom build applications. Hydraulic system self-adjusts for pad wear Integrated master cylinder in flat, ergonomically-shaped hoods Composite (not steel) pistons isolate heat One-piece calipers for maximum stopping power Sold singly, must purchase both a ...


TRP Slate Disc Brake


TRP SLATE DISC BRAKEStopping power is equally as important as the ability to go fast. The TRP Slate Disc Brake is a four-piston hydraulic disc brake that provides excellent braking power. It has an aluminum lever that actuates two different diameter pistons. The Slate has top loading pads and the pads are made of a composite resin and metal fibers. The levers feature a drilled and dimpled design. If you're looking for a hydraulic disc ...


TRP Spyke Alloy Mechanical Disc Brake

$89.99 10% off $100.00 msrp

TRP Spyke Alloy Mechanical Disc Brake CaliperIt's about time you stumble across a mechanical disc brake for mountain bikes and fat bikes that provide reliable stopping power and is a breeze to install and dial-in. As a dual-sided mechanical brake, the Spyke actuates both pads, enabling precise, even clamping force. This also equates to even pad wear. Employing a simple cable barrel adjuster, the Spyke's pads can be adjusted quickly and easily. All of this ...


TRP Revox Alloy Cantilever Brake


TRP Revox Canti Brake Alloy High-performance cantilever brakes for your cyclocross, touring, or even older mountain bike. The TRP Revox Canti Brake is an alloy option employing dual-spring tensioners, integrated barrel adjusters, titanium hardware and a handy hex fitting on the brake post for precise pad alignment. You're not missing much here. This is a set for both front and rear, and you get a set of pads for alloy rims, and another for your ...