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DT Swiss | Tubeless Tape 27mm X 10Meter


DT Swiss Tubeless TapeDT Swiss Tubeless Ready Tape seals your rim for tubeless applications and also works as tradtional rim tape if you decide to keep your tubes. A tubeless setup allows you to run lower tire pressure to gain increased traction without running to risk of pinch flats. Just make sure you don't run too little psi or you can dent your rim. Manufacture Part Numbers23mm x 10m: TVX2310S29812S25mm x 10m: TVX2510S29809S27mm x 10m: ...


WTB | Tcs Tubeless Rim Tape | Yellow | 28mm X 11M Roll


WTB TCS Rim Tape WTB TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) rim tape used for tubeless setups. 24mm tape fits 19mm inner width rims 26mm tape fits 21mm inner width rims 28mm tape fits 23mm inner width rims 30mm tape fits 25mm inner width rims | WTB | Tcs Tubeless Rim Tape | Yellow | 28mm X 11M Roll


Peaty's | RimJob Tubeless Rim Tape 9 meter, 21mm width roll


Peaty's RimJob Tubeless Rim TapePeaty’s RimJob Tape was developed as a collaboration between pro riders, mechanics, and scientists. The high tensile strength tape is primed with an adhesive that clings to the rim bed. The tape features an optimal amount of stretch and the rigid core of the tape roll makes tensioned application easy. The tape comes in 9 meter rolls in four different width options. 50 meter rolls are also available for shop use. ...


Whisky Parts Co. | Tubeless Rim Tape 80mm X 4.4M, for Two Wheels


Whiskey Tubeless Rim TapeWhiskey's Rim Tape is some of the best in the industry. For a small time job, grab a 4. 4m roll, it’s enough to tape both your wheels, so you can be back to riding in no time. Or for bigger jobs, grab the shop-sized 50m. The tape is semi-transparent, making it easy to install, and it offers excellent grip. Great elasticity means it will conform to any rim shape. FeaturesHigh elasticity ...


Orange Seal Cycling | Tubeless Rim Tape 18mm, 12 Yard Roll


Orange Seal Rim TapeOrange Seal Rim Tape, designed for any tubeless application, is a perfect alternative to other tubeless tapes. It's offered in two widths to fit a variety of bike rims. Orange Seal rim tape is specifically designed to create an air tight seal on the rim, and itcoversspoke holes without tearing or splitting. It is slightly transparent so you can see where, if any air bubbles are forming. Thin, flexible tubeless rim tape ...


Stan's No Tubes | Tubeless Rim Tape | Yellow | Stan's, 10 Yards X 25mm

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Stan's NoTubes Tubeless Rim Tape Stan's NoTubes Rim Tape is essential for tubeless applications. This lightweight, plasticine tape covers spoke holes and prevents air from exiting the rim/tire junction. This tape is only necessary if your rims have spoke holes in the rim bed. Use Stan's tape to convert your existing rims to tubeless, or to seal Stan's NoTubes brand rims. Note: For Tubeless Road applications, a double layer is required to seal with the ...


Orange Seal Cycling | Fat Bike Tubeless Tape 45mm, 12Yds


Orange Seal Fat Bike Rim Tape Orange Seal's popular rim tape is now available for the fat bike platform! Orange Seal fatbike rim tape is a generous 45mm in width and has a nice elasticity that allows greater flexibility in fitting different types of rims and form factors. Give your tubeless fat bike setup an airtight seal and dependable performance with the best from Orange Seal. Features: 45mm widthEasy to apply Available in 12 yd ...


Ridefast Racing | RideLock Tubeless Rim Tape 22mm x 10mm


RIDEFAST RIDELOCK TUBELESS RIM TAPEELASTICITY AND STRENGTHWhen you're switching your tubeless-ready wheels to tubeless, there are several things you need. These things include tubeless tires, sealant, valves, and tubeless tape. The RideFast RideLock Tubeless Rim Tape provides the ultimate combination of elasticity and strength. It is designed to conform to the surface of the rim bed without cracking and it resists deforming into the spoke holes under pressure. The adhesion has no bubbling ...