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Foundation Aluminum Tubeless Valve Stems Pair, Black, 44mm, Removable Core

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Foundation Aluminum Tubeless Valve StemsCustomize your tubeless set up with a pair of Foundation Aluminum Tubeless Valve Stems. The dependable Presta body is aluminum, providing lightweight integrity. A rubber flange provides an airtight seal that holds air. The threaded 44 mm body is perfect for taller rims, letting you easily access the valve with a pump or compressor. Finally, they come in anodized colors for adding some bling to your rig!Features44mm Length fits most non-deep ...


Muc-Off Tubeless Valve Kit gold, 60mm


Muc-Off Tubeless Valve KitThe Muc-Off Tubeless Valve Kit is designed to work with mountain bike and road bike wheels. The kit includes two tubeless valves, 2 narrow round bases, 2 wider round bases, and 2 square bases to fit a variety of different rim profiles. As a bonus, the kit also comes with a spare valve cap with an integrated valve core remover. The valve can be installed with a 4mm hex fitting under the ...


Stan's NoTubes Alloy Tubeless Valves Black, 55mm, Pair, Alloy


STAN'S NOTUBES ALLOY TUBELESS VALVESTHERE ARE NO TUBES IN MEGoing tubeless on your mountain bike or gravel bike is one of the least expensive and best upgrades you can do for your bike. There are numerous benefits such as smoother riding, fewer flats, and enhanced traction. If you have tubeless-ready rims and tires, all you need is tubeless tape, sealant, and valves. The Stan's NoTubes Alloy Tubeless Valves are ultra-lightweight and are half the weight ...


WHISKY No.9 Alloy Tubeless Valves 40mm, Black, Pair


WHISKY NO.9 ALLOY TUBELESS VALVESFILLING YOUR RIMS WITH WHISKYWhen you decide to upgrade your tubeless-ready rims to tubeless, you'll need a few items to make the transition. One of those items is a set of tubeless valves. The Whisky No.9 Alloy Tubeless Valves is designed for Whisky Tubeless rims and most other systems. They fit up to 8mm valve holes and have removable Presta valve cores. They are sold as a pair so you can ...


E*Thirteen Tubeless Valve Stems 27-37mm Blue, Set of 2, 27-37mm Rims

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E.13 TUBELESS VALVE STEMS 27-37MMADD SOME FLAIR TO YOUR RIMS AND MAKE THEM POPDesigned with the biggest air passage in a presta valve, the E.13 tubeless valves are of the highest quality. They will seal up easily without any extra force or tricks and are updated with captured O-rings and an even more leak resistant base. The 27-37mm stems are designed for deep section rims.FeaturesHigh-volume tubeless valves seal up easilyUpdated O-rings with even more leak ...


Peaty's Tubeless Valves Black, (2) 42mm Valves

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Peaty's Tubeless ValvesPeaty’s Tubeless Valves are made from lightweight anodized aluminum and feature a 40mm length which fits most tubeless rims including carbon. The large soft rubber base creates an airtight seal around the valve hole. The valve cap also doubles as a valve core remover, so you can easily top-off your sealant.FeaturesLifetime Guarantee: If you manage to break, snap, bend or crack your valve, Peaty’s will fix or replace them free of charge!Sold in ...


E*Thirteen Tubeless Valve Stems 17-27mm Red, Set of 2, 17-27mm Rim Depths

$25.50 15% off $30.00 msrp

e.13 Tubeless Valve Stems Just like everything e.13 makes, they try to give riders more with their valve stems. They're not just thrown together in a garage with spare parts. They're well thought out, and meticulously engineered. They feature knurling on the shaft to provide ease and a tight seal while installing. A two piece shaft adds strength and stability, handling high pressure pumps and C02 inflators with ease. Quality O-Rings provide a leak resistant ...


Muc-Off Tubeless Valve Box Refill Pack of 10 Valve Cores


Muc-Off Tubeless Valve Box RefillThe Muc-Off Tubeless Valve Box Refill comes with 10 tubeless specific valves that are meant as a replacement part. It’s ideal to have at the shop or your garage so that you can have a spare valve in case you damage or need to replace any on a tubeless set up. The Muc-Off Tubeless Valve Box Refill features tubeless valves that are 60mm in length, allowing them to be mounted on ...


Roval Tubeless Valves Black


Roval Tubeless ValvesOptimal tubeless performanceYou are looking at tubeless valve stems specifically made for Roval rims. They are designed to match the Roval rim profile to provide a better seal than previous generations of valves. If you have a set of Roval wheels, get a pair of these valves to have the most optimal tubeless setup possible.FeaturesConstructed of lightweight aluminum that is light and durableRemovable valve core allows you to replace or clean the core ...


RideLock Tubeless Valves Black, 60MM


RIDEFAST RIDELOCK TUBELESS VALVESLESS TUBES, MORE TUBELESSTubeless wheels revolutionized the way riders ride their bikes. It allows for a lighter setup that requires less tire pressure and provides a smoother ride and more traction. There are a few things you'll need to switch your tubeless-ready wheels over, this includes tubeless tape, sealant, tubeless tires, and valves. The RideFast RideLock Tubeless Valves are made of alloy, which saves weight versus traditional brass valves. They have ...


WHISKY No.7 Brass Tubeless Valves - Pair Pair, 40mm, Silver


WHISKY No.7 Brass Tubeless ValvesConverting your tires to a tubeless setup helps save weight and add traction, however, you’re going to need new valves to do so. We got you covered with the WHISKY No.7 Brass Tubeless Valves. These tubeless valves are compatible with WHISKY tubeless rims and most other brands and feature a 40mm length. The valve will fit valve holes up to 8mm and the valve core is removable.Features40mm length Fits up to ...


Foundation Airblast Tubeless Floor Pump Alloy Barrel, Twin Valve, 260 Psi

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Foundation Airblast Tubeless Floor PumpThe Foundation Airblast Tubeless Floor Pump features a reliable steel handle that's shaped ergonomically for easy gripping. The 6063 Aluminum barrel is fitted with a 2.5" top mounted gauge that's precise and easy to read. A steel standing pad is fitted to the base to assure stability and offer easy cadence while pumping. The GCT-TU pump head uses a switchblade lever to clamp on to valves, and the fill in tank ...