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Yeti Cycles | Sb160 X2 Factory Frame 2023 Xx Large Radium


Yeti SB160 X2 Factory Frame 2023Pure Race Machinery Enduro riding is all about the descent, with a little bit of climbing involved. If you'd rather ride downhill as fast as you can but still don't mind the climb back up to do it all over again, then you'll love an enduro bike. The Yeti SB160 X2 Factory Frame is ready to ride the gnarliest and nastiest trails out there. It has a TURQ-Series carbon fiber ...


Yeti Cycles | Arc Frame 2023 X Large Rhino


Yeti ARC Frame 2023More Bite Than BARCHardtails are great for riding fire roads, singletrack, climbing, sprinting, and even descending. They are lightweight and easy to handle while you're out on the trails. The Yeti ARC Frame is ready to bring all your trail dreams to reality. It has a TURQ-Series carbon fiber frame that uses 130mm of travel on the front. The frame features Boost spacing on the rear, a 67° head angle, a 76° ...


Yeti Cycles | Sb140 29" Float X Factory Frame 2023 | Turquoise | S


Yeti SB140 29" Float X Factory Frame 2023For When The Trail is Untamed When you need more than just a trail bike to conquer the terrain, you'll want to reach for an all-mountain bike. All-mountain bikes have longer travel than a trail bike and are able to descend much easier while still being able to climb. The Yeti SB140 29" Float X Factory Frame is built to handle trails that are untamed and unrelenting. The ...


All Mountain Style | Frame Protection Xl | Maze | Xl


All Mountain Style Frame Protection, Extra Large The All Mountain Style frame guards are an adhesive, semi-rigid PVC, in a honeycomb structure that provides protection from impacts and abrasion for mountain bike frames. They have a remarkable ability to adapt to the shape of your bikes frame and allows repositioning while installing. Don't forget about the unique designs and patters for customizing and making your bike your own. Features High impact and rub resistance honeycomb ...