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Stan's No Tubes | Universal Valve Stem 44mm 44mm Valve Stem, Pair


Stans 44mm Tubeless Valve Perfect for tubeless! This longer 44mm Presta valve stem is perfect for converting most Road 700c rims to tubeless using NoTubes 21mm yellow tape. You can also use this for more valve length with extra-deep carbon MTB rims. This valve will seal most existing rims with an inner valve stem hole diameter of 6mm - 8mm. Rims with no inner spoke holes such as Mavic Ksyrium and Shimano Ultegra will not ...


Whisky Parts Co. | No.9 Alloy Tubeless Valves 40mm, | Red | Pair


WHISKY NO. 9 ALLOY TUBELESS VALVESFILLING YOUR RIMS WITH WHISKYWhen you decide to upgrade your tubeless-ready rims to tubeless, you'll need a few items to make the transition. One of those items is a set of tubeless valves. The Whisky No. 9 Alloy Tubeless Valves is designed for Whisky Tubeless rims and most other systems. They fit up to 8mm valve holes and have removable Presta valve cores. They are sold as a pair so ...


Stan's No Tubes | Universal Valve Stem 35mm 35mm, Pair


Stan's NoTubes Universal Presta Valves Want to convert your wheels to tubeless? These lightweight valves are exceptionally reliable and work perfectly with most Presta-drilled tubeless rims. Compatible with Stan's BST models as well as various other tubeless rim models. Removable valve core makes adding sealant easy. Fits up to 8mm valve hole. 35mm depth is optimized for most shallower MTB rims, but you may want the longer "road" valves if you have deeper carbon rims. ...


e.thirteen | Tubeless Valve Stems 17-27mm | Blue | Set of 2, 17-27mm Rim Depths

$25.50 15% off $30.00 msrp

e. 13 Tubeless Valve Stems Just like everything e. 13 makes, they try to give riders more with their valve stems. They're not just thrown together in a garage with spare parts. They're well thought out, and meticulously engineered. They feature knurling on the shaft to provide ease and a tight seal while installing. A two piece shaft adds strength and stability, handling high pressure pumps and C02 inflators with ease. Quality O-Rings provide a ...


WTB | Aluminum Tcs Valve | Black | 46mm, Pair

$23.95 7% off $25.95 msrp

WTB Aluminum TCS Valves Sometimes it's all about the BLING factor. These WTB aluminum valve stems not only look great, they also shed a few grams off their brass counterparts. They come in two different lengths to accommodate deeper rim depths, include a stepped lock nut for further compatibility with various rim drillings, and have a removable valve core. Sold in pairs of two. Features: Lightweight Aluminum Construction Various Anodized Colors Available Stepped Lock Nut ...


Continental | 27.5" Presta Valve Tube 27.5" X 1.75 - 2.5, 42mm Valve

$6.00 20% off $7.50 msrp

Continental 27. 5" Presta Valve TubeEpic riding calls for high quality tubes. Continental puts their tubes through stringent quality control, giving you the best tubes your bike deserves to roll on. With great puncture resistance and added reinforcement, the 27. 5" MTB tubes won't disappoint. FeaturesPresta Valve (removable core)210 gramsAll tubes are seamless and mold-cured (vulcanized) to ensure uniform roundness and improved reliability at the valve stem. All tubes are seamless and ...


Shimano | Ust Valve Stem WH-6700(Rear)

$8.99 35% off $14.00 msrp

Shimano UST Valve Stem UST Valve stems for tubeless are required for a tubeless setup. These valve stems are specific to select Shimano road wheels, including Dura Ace 9000, 7850-SL, and Ultegra 6700 wheelsets. The valves are front and rear specific, so please order accordingly. Made for Dura Ace 9000, Dura Ace 7850-SL, and Ultegra 6700 wheelsets Manufacture Part Number: Y4DS98020 (front), Y4DS98060 (rear) | Shimano | Ust Valve Stem WH-6700(Rear)


Roval | Tubeless Valves Black


Roval Tubeless ValvesOptimal tubeless performanceYou are looking at tubeless valve stems specifically made for Roval rims. They are designed to match the Roval rim profile to provide a better seal than previous generations of valves. If you have a set of Roval wheels, get a pair of these valves to have the most optimal tubeless setup possible. FeaturesConstructed of lightweight aluminum that is light and durableRemovable valve core allows you to replace or clean the ...


Quality|Teravail Standard 700C Presta Tube 700C X 35-43mm, 32mm Valve


Q-Tubes 700C Diameter Presta Tube These Quality 700C presta valved tubes(screw top) are offered in a number of sizes for road, touring and cyclocross applications. Valve stems come in different lengths to accomodate different rim profiles. 32, 48, 60 and 80mm valve Presta (French) Valve Removable valve core | Quality|Teravail Standard 700C Presta Tube 700C X 35-43mm, 32mm Valve


Specialized | Airlock Presta Valve 700C Tube 700 x 28-38C, 40mm Valve


SPECIALIZED AIRLOCK PRESTA VALVE 700C TUBELOCKING IT DOWNNothing is worse than getting a flat and not having a spare tube. Luckily, with a self-sealing tube, if you get a puncture, you'll be able to keep riding. The Specialized Airlock Presta Valve Tube is the best performing, self-sealing tubes available. They feature a powerful Airlock sealant that coats the tube for protection against punctures. The sealant works continuously in order to prevent slow leaks from occurring. ...


Silca | Presta Chuck Presta Valve, 17-4 Stainless Steel


SILCA PRESTA CHUCKWhen you're short on time and need to inflate your tires quickly, nothing is better than a Silca Presta Chuck. This chuck is used by many pro teams and shop mechanics. It is made from 17-4 stainless material, making it much harder than brass, and the full synthetic elastomer 242 gasket provides a perfect seal with its two-stage gasket sealing geometry. The pressure amplifying dome geometry uses air pressure to clamp the valve ...