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Vittoria 27.5 Inch Tire


Vittoria | Mezcal III G2.0 27.5" Tire | Anthracite | 27.5x2.35


VITTORIA MEZCAL III G2. 0 27. 5" TIREA CROSS COUNTRY TIRE WITH GRAPHENE 2. 0Whether you're just cruising the single tracks or you're racing to your next victory, you want to make sure you have a good set of tires underneath you to take you there. The Vittoria Mezcal III G2. 0 27. 5" Tire is a lightweight XC tire that has densely packed, low profile, knob configuration for maximum speed. The alternating center-ridge tread ...


Vittoria | Barzo G2.0 27.5" Tire | Anthracite | 27.5x2.6

$57.74 25% off $76.99 msrp

VITTORIA BARZO G2. 0 27. 5" TIREA GREAT TIRE FOR LOOSE AND MIXED TERRAINThe type of tire you use on your bike has a significant impact on your riding performance and efficiency. Using a tire that is built for the terrain you're riding on will ensure that you get optimal performance. The Vittoria Barzo G2. 0 27. 5" Tire is an XC tire with an aggressive tread design that works well in most technical terrain. ...


Vittoria | Martello G2.0 27.5" Tire | Anthracite | 27.5x2.8


VITTORIA MARTELLO G2. 0 27. 5" TIREVERSATILE IN ALL CONDITIONSWhen it comes to your tires on your mountain bike, most tires out there will either roll quickly or have exceptional grip. It is difficult to find both in one package. The Vittoria Martello G2. 0 27. 5" Tire works well in all conditions and features moto-block square knobs that offer stability and durability. The progressive sipe-width pattern provides excellent grip at the knob surface without ...


Vittoria | Mazza 27.5" Tire 2.4, Enduro, Full Black

$60.74 25% off $80.99 msrp

Vittoria Mazza 27. 5" TireThe Vittoria Mazza is a feature-packed trail-enduro tire built around durability, grip and traction. The Mazza is offered in two separate compounds that were designed around the type of riding you are doing. A heavy duty, 2-ply enduro casing uses two 120 TPI layers for increased durability. The Trail TNT casing offers a single 120 TPI casing with an additional 120 TPI sidewall strip for enduro style protection in a lighter ...