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Time | Xpro 15 Pedals Black White


TIME XPRO 15 PEDALSSo light they might just float away Time’s XPRO 15 pedals might just be the most high end and incredible road pedals we’ve ever seen. They feature an all new, shockingly light and stiff carbon fiber body that provides maximum power transfer. The larger pedal surface area not only improves power transfer, but it also provides a very stable pedaling platform and increased comfort. Not to mention that the pedal body has ...


Time | Xpro 10 Pedals Black White


TIME XPRO 10 PEDALSTime’s Xpro 10 pedals are an excellent mix of performance, reliability, and value. With the large 725mm-squared surface area and carbon body, you’ll have maximum power transfer and pedaling performance. Just like it’s big brother’s, the Xpro 12 and 15, the Xpro 10 features an aerodynamic fairing that has been designed to save as many watts as possible while simultaneously protecting the carbon blade. You’ll also find that the Xpro 10’s have ...


E.thirteen | Plus Flat Pedals Blue | Aluminum

$77.94 47% off $149.00 msrp

E*Thirteen Plus Flat Pedal A high performing composite pedal The new E-thirteen Plus Flat Pedal features the same pin layout as their past LG1 Plus and LG1 Race pedals, both known for their durability and unreal grip. The new Plus pedal uses the same 22-pin pattern to achieve the same biting traction. Delivered in a light and durable package with a large CNC'd aluminum body, the Plus pedal is going to be a clear leader ...