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Specialized Torch 3.0 Road Shoes Men's Size 44.5 in White


SPECIALIZED TORCH 3.0 ROAD SHOESTORCHING THE COMPETITIONThe type of footwear you use while you're riding has a huge impact on your pedaling performance and efficiency. The Specialized Torch 3.0 Road Shoes have a FACT carbon composite sole and torsion box construction that provides excellent power transfer. The upper portion of the shoe utilizes Dual Boa S2-SV Snap dials that make dialing in the perfect fit quick and easy. The upper also has mesh, TPU, and ...


Time Osmos 12 Road Shoes Men's Size 42 in White/Black

$178.75 35% off $275.00 msrp

TIME OSMOS 12 ROAD SHOESLIGHTWEIGHT AND FASTThe type of shoes you use on your bike have a significant impact on your pedaling performance and power. If you clip into your pedals, you'll be able to push and pull for higher efficiency and power output. The Time Osmos 12 Road Shoes is a lightweight and stiff carbon-soled road shoe. It has a unique sole that is built with a blend of 20% carbon fiber and 80% ...


Mavic Cosmic Pro II Shoes Men's Size 10.5 in White


Mavic Cosmic Pro II ShoesThe new Mavic Cosmic Pro II features a roomier toe box and the Endofit tongue hugs the foot for a wrap-around, glove-like fit. The BOA fit system is adjustable in 1mm increments so a proper fit can always be achieved. The laser-cut upper regulates temperature and the ultra-stiff energy carbon outsole provides the perfect platform to transfer power to the pedals. Finally, the lateral and medial TPU frame keeps your foot ...


Specialized 2FO Clip 2.0 MTB Shoes Men's Size 43 in Black


SPECIALIZED 2FO CLIPLITE MTB SHOESFOOT-OUT, FLAT-OUTWhen riders want to push their limits, they should have the best pedals and shoes while riding. The Specialized 2FO ClipLite MTB Shoes provides an excellent pedal connection, comfort, and protection. It features Body Geometry sole construction and footbeds that boost power, efficiency, and reduces the chance of injury by optimizing the hip, knee, and foot alignment. It has a Landing Strip cleat pocket that makes it easy to ride ...