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Sdg | Duster P Chepi Ti-Alloy Saddle Chepi Fox Design, Ti-Alloy Rails

$98.99 10% off $110.00 msrp

SDG DUSTER P CHEPI TI-ALLOY SADDLEChoosing the right saddle can be tough, but having the right saddle is the key to being comfortable on longer rides. The SDG Duster P Chepi saddle is designed to be rugged and durable and is great for all-day comfort. It features SDG's Flat-Forward Platform which allows for ease of movement on the saddle, Peri-Canal which offers a continuous relief channel from the tip of the saddle to the tail, ...


Selle Italia | Nekkar Saddle - No Packaging Wht


Selle Italia Nekkar Saddle - No Packaging Add Some Comfort To Your Ride If you're looking to upgrade the comfort of your road bike, then you might want to look into getting a new saddle. With a good bike saddle, you'll turn an uncomfortable ride into a fun riding experience. The Selle Italia Nekkar Saddle is a lightweight and comfortable saddle for road riding. It has ample padding on the top and a low-friction cover. ...


Deity | Speedtrap Am Saddle | Turquoise | Limited Edition


Deity Speedtrap Am Saddle NOTHING BUT SPEEDDeity's new Speedtrap AM Saddle is brought to you through a collaboration between Deity and renowned saddle makers, SDG. the design pairs up Deity's own foam molds and designs with SDG's seat base technology for a comfortable and supportive saddle design. It features the highest quality EVA foam with an incredibly durable synthetic cover, as well as also including Kevlar sides for the best performance and durability. The D2 ...