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Specialized | S-Works Ares Road Shoe Men's | Size 36 In Red

$317.99 25% off $425.00 msrp

Specialized S-Works Ares Road Shoe God Of Shoes, Courage, and War Introducing the all-new Specialized S-Works Ares Road Shoe, named after the Greek god of war. Its journey started in 2011 and from then on Specialized spent years testing its conceptual designs with input from Mark, Marcel Kittel, Sam Bennett, and the like. Through input from the pros, Specialized was able to identify key targets for a stronger forefoot connection, prevention of foot roll, and ...


Specialized | S-Works Torch Road Shoes Men's | Size 42 In Black


Specialized S-Works Torch Road Shoe Raising The Bar Using their top-level biomechanical research data and engineering, Specialized left nothing on the table when designing the S-Works Torch—a race-ready road shoe designed with your body and your performance in mind. To achieve this level of comfort and efficiency, Specialized introduced several revolutionary design elements. The placement of the BOA® retention system is optimized for reduced pressure, a reinforced upper with adaptive fit ...


Specialized | Torch 3.0 Road Shoes Men's | Size 36 In Black

$171.99 25% off $230.00 msrp

SPECIALIZED TORCH 3. 0 ROAD SHOESTORCHING THE COMPETITIONThe type of footwear you use while you're riding has a huge impact on your pedaling performance and efficiency. The Specialized Torch 3. 0 Road Shoes have a FACT carbon composite sole and torsion box construction that provides excellent power transfer. The upper portion of the shoe utilizes Dual Boa S2-SV Snap dials that make dialing in the perfect fit quick and easy. The upper also has mesh, ...


Specialized | Torch 1.0 Road Shoes Men's | Size 39 In Black | Nylon

$89.99 25% off $120.00 msrp

Specialized Torch 1. 0 Road Shoes High performance at a low price When riding on the road, riders highly value comfort and performance. Performance shouldn't cost an arm and a leg though, because that would make it harder to ride with only one arm and one leg. The Specialized Torch 1. 0 Road Shoes are comfortable, high-performance shoes at an affordable price. They feature the Boa Closure System on the top and have injection-molded nylon ...