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Continental | Ride Tour Wire Bead Tire 700X32C Wire Bead / Puncture Protection

$19.96 20% off $25.00 msrp

Continental Ride Tour Wire Bead TireThe Continental Tour Ride has all the features of a high quality touring tire. The Tour Ride has a tread that works on all road surfaces as well as outstanding puncture protection and high mileage performance. FeaturesRubber breaker helps protect against flatsHigh mileage rubber compoundIntended Use: Cross/ HybridTire Type: ClincherTire Bead: SteelPSI: 45- 58 PSIWeight: 835 grams | Continental | Ride Tour Wire Bead Tire 700X32C Wire Bead / Puncture ...


Schwalbe | Muddy Mary 26" Wire Bead Tire 26x2.35, Trailstar

$51.57 40% off $85.95 msrp

SCHWALBE MUDDY MARY 26" WIRE BEAD TIREGETTING MUDDYThe type of tires you use on your mountain bike have a significant impact on your performance and handling capabilities. Demanding conditions mean you need aggressive tires. The Schwalbe Muddy Mary 26" Wire Bead Tire is built for aggressive DH riding and has widely-spaced center lugs and large shoulder knobs that work best in loose and wet conditions. FeaturesWidely-spaced center lugs provide excellent acceleration and braking ...


Continental | Double Fighter III Tire 27.5"X2.0, Wire Bead Sport


Continental Double Fighter Iii TireFor the Commuter who needs road and dirt performance. These tires are the perfect fit for that older mountain bike that you now choose to jump on to get around town. Perhaps it is your go to commuter rig and the best way to work includes pavement and dirt. Either way, the Continental Double Fighter Iii Tire, is versatile and utilitarian in nature with its low center tread and taller side ...


Maxxis | Wetscream DH 27.5 Tire 27.5x2.50, Wire bead, Super Tacky Compound, 60 TPI

$30.00 50% off $60.00 msrp

Maxxis Wetscream DH 27. 5” TireDesigned for unrelenting wet and muddy terrain, the Maxxis Wetscream is your go to tire when the trail conditions cannot get any worse. The Wetscream features tall, widely-spaced square spikes that penetrate deep into the mud for traction, yet sheds the mud with ease. Maxxis’s SuperTacky compound offers superior grip and traction on the wettest and roughest trails, making for a great downhill rubber compound. A 2-Ply DH Casing offers ...


Continental | Gator Hardshell Wire Bead 700 X 32 Hardshell Duraskin, Wire Bead

$48.00 26% off $65.00 msrp

The Gator hardshell tire is for the high- mileage rider. The Durakin sidewall protection in addition to the hard shell protection, offers an extremely durable, high performing tire suited to athletic urban riding styles. Intended Use: Road Wheel Size: 700c PSI: 110-120 Tire Bead: Steel Weight: 310 grams | Continental | Gator Hardshell Wire Bead 700 X 32 Hardshell Duraskin, Wire Bead


Maxxis | Minion SS 27.5X2.5 2-Ply DH Tire 27.5X2.5, DH Super Tacky, Wire Bead

$54.00 33% off $81.00 msrp

Maxxis Minion SS 27. 5" Tire When the terrain calls for afast rolling and grippytire, the Maxxis Minion SS comes to answer your calls. The small-knobbed center provides a low rolling resistance while the cluster of short, aggressivelyramped side knobs give you that extra grip you need on those tricky corners. This tire is recommended for rearuse only. We just know you like to go fast, sothere's no other reason why you would be looking ...


Kenda | Hellkat Wirebead 27.5" Tire 2.4, Rsr/Kvs+Icb, Tlr - Wire Bead


Kenda Hellkat 27. 5" Tire All-new, all condition gravity tire The all new Kenda Hellkat was developed with help from the Polygon-UR Team and given all the goods needed to perform as a World Cup caliber tire. Superior braking control and cornering traction define this tire. It is ideal for gravity orientated riders looking for a tire with great grip and puncture protection and still quick rolling and will keep you upright and moving through ...


45NRTH | Kahva 29" Studded Tire 29"x2.25", Wire Bead


45NRTHKahva 29" Studded TireWinter doesn't have to bring your bike vibes to an all-time low, 45 North offers cold weather solutions for adventuresome cyclists everywhere. Designed for riding in loose snow, the 45 North Kahva brings traction technology to an entirely new level. From light winter trail riding to commuting, the Kahva allows you to carve your way through winter with steel carbide studs as well as single, double and triple siped lugs. 45 North ...


Maxxis | Griffin 27.5" DH Tire 27.5X2.40 DH, Wire Bead, 3C Maxx Grip

$70.40 20% off $88.00 msrp

Maxxis Griffin 27. 5" DH Tire If you're seating Maxxis's Griffin DH tires you better be ready to hold on tight, because these things are fast! As the surface conditions vary between downhill courses, the Maxxis Griffin features a less aggressive tread design that's designed to pick up speed on hardpack trails. The knobs are smaller and more tightly spaced, with heavily ramped leading edges to reduce rolling resistance on tracks with lots of pedaling. ...