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Lezyne | Hr Flow Sensor Sensor


Lezyne HR Flow SensorAn Accurate and Comfortable Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate MonitorWhen it comes time to train to your fullest, it comes down to finding your peak performance and boosting it just a bit more. The Lezyne Heart Rate Flow Sensor is just the tool to help you find your peak performance. With accurate reading of your heart rate and a seamless connection to your GPS or computer using Bluetooth Smart standards, this monitor will ...


Saris | Speed OR Cadence Sensor, ANT+ and BLE, Magnetless Sensor


Saris Speed Or Cadence Sensor, ANT+ and BLE, MagnetlessPor Que No Los Dos?Whether you're training indoors or you're riding outside, tracking your speed and cadence can be extremely useful. Sensors back in the day used to require you to perfectly line up a magnet to the sensor and make sure it's 1mm away without hitting. The Saris Magnetless Speed or Cadence Sensor only requires a battery and to orient the sensor to program it for ...


Garmin | Cadence Sensor 2 Cadence Sensor 2


Garmin Cadence Sensor 2This easy to install wireless sensor allows you to constantly monitor your pedaling cadence as you ride. With no wheel magnets needed, this sensor is easy to install, maintain, and move between bikes. COMPATIBLE WITH THESE GARMIN DEVICESfēnix® 2 Special Editionfēnix® 3 HRfēnix® 3 SapphireApproach® S60D2™ BravoD2™ CharlieD2™ DeltaD2™ Delta PXD2™ Delta SDescent™ Mk1Edge® 1000Edge® 1030Edge® 130Edge® 25Edge® 500Edge® 510Edge® 520Edge® 520 PlusEdge® 530Edge® 530 Mountain ...


Lezyne | Pro Cadence Sensor Cadence Sensor


LEZYNE PRO CADENCE SENSORSUPER COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHTCadence is an important metric you should be measuring while you're riding. Keeping your cadence within a certain range will optimize your pedaling performance. The Lezyne Pro Cadence Sensor is a super compact and lightweight magnet-less cycling cadence sensor. It features an LED indicator and has a simple installation that mounts to a crankarm. The dual Bluetooth system lets you simultaneously pair the sensor with a cycling computer and ...