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Sockguy Camper Wool Cycling Socks Men's Size Large/Extra Large


Sockguy Camper Wool SocksWith a classic design that serves well on winter rides, the Camper Wool by Sockguy is warm and comfortable, without making you stuffy or sweaty. It’s comprised of 75% TurboWool, a great blend of polyprophylene and Merino wool, giving you five times the strength of Merino wool, with the added benefit of being shrink and itch resistant. The Camper wicks away sweat and keeps your feet ventilated while still providing excellent warmth.FeaturesMaterial ...


Sockguy Funk Abides 6" Wool Crew Socks Men's Size Large/Extra Large


SOCKGUY FUNK ABIDES 6" WOOL CREW SOCKSPLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC RIGHTCycling socks are incredibly important when it comes to your riding comfort and performance. The Sockguy Funk Abides 6" Wool Crew Socks are made from 75% Turbowool, which provides 5 times the strength and durability of Merino wool. It is shrink-resistant and itch-free. They have natural moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry and will keep you warm in colder weather.FeaturesTurbowool material provides natural ...


Surly Tall Logo Wool Cycling Socks Men's Size Extra Large in Black


SURLY TALL LOGO WOOL SOCKSSurly hooked up with the foot-specialists at DeFeet to make an excellent line of socks. Made of durable Merino Wool, they insulate warmth, wick away moisture, and repel odor, letting you wear them comfortably in varying climates. They’re both breathable and durable, but keep you warm where it counts, all while making sure your feet stay fresh.FeaturesMaterial Merino woolHeight 8”Surly SocksSock Size ChartSizeSMLXLMen (USA)-7 - 99.5 - 11.512+Women (USA)6 - 88.5 ...


Sugoi Wool Crew Sock Men's Size Small in Black/Red

$13.50 38% off $21.99 msrp

SUGOI WOOL CREW SOCKRIDING WITH THE CREWStaying warm is always the goal when you're riding in the cold. One big issue when riding in the cold is finding a balance so you don't overheat. The Sugoi Wool Crew Sock has robust warmth to keep your toes warm during winter rides. The merino wool material provides natural moisture-wicking as well as comfort and great support. It features a reinforced toe and heel for durability and a ...


Sockguy Foxtail 6" Wool Crew Socks Men's Size Small/Medium

$13.99 6% off $14.95 msrp

SOCKGUY FOXTAIL 6" WOOL CREW SOCKSFOX SOXWool is a wonderful material that helps keep you warm while also providing natural odor resistance and moisture-wicking. The Sockguy Foxtail 6" Wool Crew Socks are made from 75% Turbowool which is a superior blend of 50% polypropylene and 50% Merino wool. This blend provides five times the strength and durability of Merino wool alone. It is shrink-resistant and itch-free and keeps your feet warm in cooler weather.FeaturesSuperior wicking ...