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Yakima | HangOver 4 Hitch Rack 4 Bike, 2" Hitch Only


YAKIMA HANGOVER 4 HITCH RACKNOT THAT KIND OF HANGOVERHitch racks are one of the safest and most efficient ways to transport one or more bikes from place to place. They install easily and are incredibly reliable. The Yakima Hangover 4 Hitch Rack is perfect for tour operations and group rides. It is made from heavy-duty steel and holds bikes vertically by the fork crown. This rack is specifically designed for suspension-fork bikes only. It features ...


Yakima | Holdup Rack 2"


Yakima Holdup Hitch Rack The Holdup Hitch rack by Yakima is a must have for anyone interested in a high quality hitch rack. A new feature is the side-to-side adjustability that reduces bike-to-bike interference. Yakima understands that using racks can be difficult and confusing. With this in mind Yakima has the Holdup to be quick and easy to use. Another feature unique to Yakima is the StrongArm design. This feature enables you to load you ...


Yakima | Full Back Rack Black, 3 Bike


Yakima Full Back Rack A great alternative for when a hitch isn't available, the Yakima Full Back Rack offers an easy installation and bike locks. The SuperCush ZipStrips offer protection and bike handling security, preventing any serious damage that can result from bikes coming into contact with each other during transportation. Features Four trunk straps included (no side strap) for easy installation SuperCush ZipStrips offers protection and bike handling security Locking package locks ...


Yakima | Sidewinder Tandem Fork Mount Rack Black, Tandem Fork Mount


Looking for a way to easily transport your tandem bike? The Yakima Sidewinder Tandem fork mount bike carrier is a great solution featuring an easy-to-use swing-out skewer arm for easy loading. Swing-out skewer arm enables you to hook the fork on first, then swing the bike into place Holds a tandem more securely than wheel-tray designs Lockable long-throw skewer handles any 9mm/100mm tandem fork Padded boom cradle and quick-release ratcheting straps protect bottom-mounted cables Includes ...


Yakima | Two Timer Rack 2 Bike


Yakima Two Timer Rack With bikes coming in so many unique shapes and sizes, transporting them can be a bit of quandary. Not all bicycle racks can carry all bikes. That is, until the Yakima Two Timer entered the room. The Two Timer is a cradle style hitch rack that can carry any normal two-wheeled bike, including burly fat bikes, bikes with fenders, full-suspension mountain bikes and women- specific bikes. The padded, contoured arms secure ...