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Sold Your Bike, Need to Send It To Its New Home?

The easiest and most affordable way to ship your personal bike and gear

That's right.  We're offering you a low cost, convenient way to ship your personal gear.  We’ve been selling and shipping bikes and parts online for over 25 years. With that comes extremely discounted shipping rates from UPS. We’ve worked out a deal to pass on those rates directly to you for your personal shipments.  Introducing Jenson Bike Shipping.

Why Ship Your Bike With Jenson Bike Shipping?

Here at Jenson, we know a thing or two about fast, efficient, and economical shipping. Jenson Bike Shipping calls upon our decades of experience with shipping carriers to offer some of the best bike shipping rates available, passing the savings on to you. We’ve worked hard to help you get the most affordable shipping rates for your bike or gear. Get an instant shipping quote today at

Get an instant, hassle-free quote online at, and print out a label in less time, so you can spend more time riding. Print a label, box it up, and drop it off at any UPS Store, it’s as easy as that. No time to drop it off? You can even schedule a pickup!

Jenson USA has always been a service company that just happens to sell bicycles. Jenson Bike Shipping maintains this world-class Jenson USA support that you’ve come to know and love, and features easy claims support and knowledgable customer service, for the peace of mind you need when shipping your prized bike or gear.

Additional Information

  • How does it work?
    • Simply pack your gear, purchase a label at, and have it picked up or drop off at a carrier location.  Then track your shipment.
  • Why not just ship my gear at a UPS Store or a FedEx Office?
    • If you like paying more for the same service, then go for it.  If you purchase your label from us with our highly discounted rates, you'll typically save between 30-60%.
  • I thought Jenson was a bike and parts retailer.  Why sell shipping labels?
    • Great question!  As shipping rates have gone up over the years, it's become more and more difficult to afford to ship your gear.  Whether your going on vacation and need to ship your bike or you want to sell your bike via an online marketplace, we want to provide you with a lower cost way to do so.  Hence, Jenson Bike Shipping.
  • What happens if I have an issue with a shipment?
    • That's actually another reason to choose us.  You'll still have access to UPS support just like you would if purchased your label directly from UPS.  Additionally you'll have our support to guide you through if needed.

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