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Company Values

1. Customers are Everything. Show Them The Love!

We simply exist to serve our customers and to deliver superior customer experiences. We’re a service company first that happens to be selling bicycles, parts and accessories. Notice that the value is not simply to provide great customer service, but rather to create great customer experiences. The idea here is that we endeavor to create an environment where customers leave with a refreshed feeling following their interaction with us.

Through these efforts, we work to contribute to the cycling community. We simply go bananas for cool bike stuff, and we want our customers to enjoy cycling as much as we do. This value sheds light on the importance of our other 5 values as it is only through our execution and commitment to those other values that we will be able to deliver the level of customer experience that we intend to.

2. Set the Pace

At Jenson USA we thrive on establishing the standard that other companies look to as the example/benchmark. It is our belief that we will continuously “Set the Pace” if we focus our time and energy on personal growth and achievement. That is what will maintain our competitive edge.
A few ideas that we subscribe to that help us to set the pace include:

  • Focus intensely on continuous improvement in all aspects: personal, professional, and interpersonal
  • Promote strengths and be willing to recognize and improve on weaknesses
  • Develop a high degree of self-awareness
  • Continuously challenge your ideals
  • Promote education, learning and mentorship

3. Be Honest and Open

While this expectation certainly includes the simplistic and literal meaning of “telling the truth”, we intend for this value to extend beyond that.

When we say “Be Honest” we mean to stick to our values, follow through on our commitments, and be willing to admit when we have fallen short of those expectations. We realize that some of our ideals are altruistic in nature. We intend to recognize when we fall short and make improvements based on that very recognition.

Delivering on this value requires a superior level of communication and openness. It is paramount to the success of the company. We take the time to have the difficult conversations from the heart. Crucial conversations are not only normal, they are expected.

4. Together We Can Do Anything

There is no “my department” or “your department”. Instead there is “our company”. While it may be true that each employee has a defined set of job requirements that must be completed, these tasks should be carried out in a way that aligns with our other values.

With that in mind, the importance of team work becomes apparent. Everything that happens within Jenson USA is “our responsibility”. Our success is the result of everyone’s commitment, input and 100% intention.

5. Be a sustainable business

There are many decisions made in this business each year. It’s important that at Jenson USA we consider the impact of those decisions in a financially, environmentally and socially responsible way. This implies that any decision should always seek to balance three considerations: Is it financially viable? Is it socially responsible? And is it environmentally sound? This approach helps to ensure that decision-making balances financial growth with corporate responsibility and short-term gains with long-term profitability.

6. Demonstrate Leadership through Service

We maximize our likelihood of achieving success when we seek service first.
Below are a few of the meanings we have discussed surrounding this idea:

  • Treat everyone with fairness and kindness
  • Go beyond win/win and create value for all parties involved
  • Be humble
  • Listen more than you talk
  • Build relationships
  • See others’ needs as equal to your own

These guidelines ensure that we continually maintain a focus on service.

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