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3T Ernova Handlebar OE
SAVE 63 %
MSRP $80.00
Award Winner
3T ARX II Pro Stem
SAVE 39 %
MSRP $80.00
Award Winner
3T Superergo LTD Stealth Drop Handlebar
SAVE 22 %
MSRP $424.99
3T ARX II Team Stem
SAVE 40 %
MSRP $110.00
Award Winner
3T Stilo 25 Pro Seatpost OE
SAVE 62 %
MSRP $65.99
Award Winner
ARX II Team Stealth Stem
SAVE 39 %
MSRP $120.00
3T ZERO25 Team Stealth Seatpost
SAVE 16 %
MSRP $159.99
Award Winner
3T Ergosum Pro Handlebar
SAVE 24 %
MSRP $105.00
Award Winner
3T ARX Aluminium Stem OE
SAVE 60 %
MSRP $50.00
Award Winner
3T Ergosum Team Stealth Handlebars
SAVE 36 %
MSRP $295.99
Award Winner
3T ZERO25 Pro Seatpost
SAVE 36 %
MSRP $109.99
3T Superergo Pro Handlebar
SAVE 27 %
MSRP $109.99
Award Winner
3T Dorico Pro Seatpost
SAVE 41 %
MSRP $85.00
3T Ionic 0 Team Stealth Seatpost
SAVE 42 %
MSRP $119.99
3T Ionic Team Seatpost
SAVE 6 %
MSRP $174.99
Award Winner
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Though they might not have the boundless marketing budget that some of the bigger brands have, 3T certainly has their own way to stand out. They let their products do the talking for them, and sometimes their products talk pretty loud. Recently, they’ve done just that by winning 5 separate design awards in the first month of 2018 alone. That’s right, five. One of their best assets—and a recipient of one of the awards, no less—is their handlebars. 3T’s proficiently engineered bars feature excellent workmanship and offer outstanding handling. Whether you’re slicing through singletrack or pushing up to the front of the peleton, 3T can help you steer your way there.

If you’ve ever watched Ireland’s Team Aqua Blue Sport race at UCI events, then you’ve seen some of 3T’s bikes and components perform. And, as with 3T, Team Aqua Blue Sport pushes the limits. They occupy one of the upper echelons of professional cycling, and the way they innovate and help the sport evolve is apparent. Last year they were the first team to incorporate SRAM’s Force 1x drivetrain into professional cycling. Seeing the way 3T prioritizes innovation makes clear their message: They want to exist on the cutting edge, to make parts that improve cycling as we know it.