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Named for the Alpine star flower, Alpinestars got their start making motorcycle boots. It was the early 60’s in northern Italy, and a leather craftsman named Sante Mazarolo was embarking on a project that would change the face of racing for decades to come. Mazarolo saw the beginnings of a groundbreaking new sport called motocross, and he knew he had an opportunity.

The unique demands of motocross require specific types of protection, flexibility, and comfort, Mazarolo noticed. So he set out to make a boot that could hold its own in the rough world of moto racing. As the sport progressed, Alpinestars became an iconic name in motocross. They weren’t satisfied just making boots though. Their constant desire to innovate led them to branch out. In the early 1990’s, they began making gear for Formula 1 drivers. 2004 would be a hugely innovative year for Alpinestars as well. That year, they partnered with Honda to make the racing apparel for Honda’s team in the UCI Downhill World Cup. The following year, Greg Minnaar won the World Cup while wearing Alpinestars’ gear.

Since their early days of hand crafting leather motorcycle boots, Alpinestars has valued quality. And that’s something they continue to do. Now an international company with several-hundred employees, Alpinestars carries the same message. They play key roles in Formula 1, Nascar, Motocross, and not least, Mountain Biking, offering top-tier performance for the most demanding athletes in the world.