Assos, a cycling apparel brand deeply embedded in the history of road cycling, began its story with the development of the first carbon aero road bike back in 1976, leading the way in a comfort revolution, unlike anything that was ever seen before. Maier-Moussa (the founder of Assos) took his creation to the wind tunnel for extensive testing along with engineers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, where he concluded that rider position was the biggest factor in aerodynamics. In those tests, they also concluded that wool had a high drag, which from a performance perspective isn’t ideal. From then on Maier-Moussa set out to create the first Lycra skinsuit with the help of his wife Elaine Maier-Moussa and their friend Hans Hess, who was a Swiss downhill ski racing suit maker, and the rest is history.

Today Assos remains family owned and to this day still, produces some of the highest quality cycling apparel on the market. They made their return to the pro peloton in 2017 with BMC racing team after 25 years of absence. In 2018, Assos signed a two-year contract with Cyclance Pro Cycling, a women’s pro team. This was a breakthrough for Assos since it will give them insight into what women want out of performance cycling apparel and will help pave the way toward innovation in their products for women.

For the most comfortable performance oriented cycling jerseys and bib shorts, there’s no better cycling apparel brand to look at than Assos. You can pair up anything in their line with your favorite cycling shoes and cycling helmet to give you the look that will leave your cycling friends in awe. Assos makes a wide range of cycling apparel, including cycling gloves, cycling base layers, cycling socks, Assos cycling shorts, and much more so you can complete the look in just about any season.

Whether you’re looking for long sleeve jerseys, mountain bike apparel, Assos bib shorts, or something that’s race fit for your next crit, Assos clothing has got you covered. If you have any questions about Assos or if you’re curious about what gear we’re stoked about, then give one of our Gear Advisors a call. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554. Keep Pedaling!