Bike Bar Ends



Although they are not as common as they were ten years ago, bike bars ends are still used by many riders on their mountain and commuter bikes. Coming in many shapes and sizes, there are multiple bar end options for a rider to choose from. How the bar end attaches, how much bend it has, and the overall length are all differentiating features of bar ends.

Bar ends either have an attachment point located at the very end of the bar or located in the mid-section of the bar. If you are looking for more length than your current setup. Bar ends that attach at the end of the bar would be the best option for you. These bar ends will extend forward so your hands are in front of your handlebars. They either come straight or with a bend depending on how you hand your hands to be positioned.

The other type of bar end attaches in the middle of the bar. This type of bar end doesn’t change the overall reach of your setup. The distance to your handlebars and the distance to your bar ends will essentially be the same. Mid-section bar ends usually have a straight shape which means your hand position is parallel to your front wheel. Both types of bar ends require a small amount of exposed handlebar outside of the grip to be installed. It is also a good idea to put a bar plug in the exposed end of the handlebar if the bar end doesn’t cover it up. Using a bar plug looks cleaner and is safer in the event of a crash. Some grips even include a bar end and bar plug altogether as one solid piece. We have a selection of these grips in our “Grips” section of the website.

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