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Bib Shorts

Riding long distances is near impossible if you’re uncomfortable. One of the mainstays in many cyclists’ cycling apparel is the cycling bib. Cycling bib shorts are different than regular cycling shorts. These bike shorts feature bib straps that go over the shoulders to help keep the shorts up. These shoulder straps also help the pair of shorts move with your body as you stand up out of the saddle. Many new riders might think the straps look silly, but a road jersey or mountain bike jersey can be worn over them.

Much like cycling shorts, bib shorts have a chamois that is padded to increase riding comfort. These chamois either use gel padding or foam padding inside with higher end chamois having denser padding for longer distance riding and lower end chamois will have softer padding for shorter distance riding. Not only are there different bib shorts for longer and shorter distances, there are also bib shorts for warm and cold weather riding. Cold weather bibs are made with materials that riders insulated while still wicking moisture away so riders stay dry. Most pairs of bib shorts are designed for warm weather riding and have materials to keep riders cool when the weather gets too warm.

When it comes to mountain bike bib shorts, they can have many more features than road bike bib shorts. Some shorts, like the Race Face Stash Men’s Bib have pockets in the rear for additional storage when you’re out on the trail and are hidden under your cycling jersey. Men’s bib shorts are slightly different than women’s bib shorts and do offer a different fit. Women might not find the bib straps to look appealing, but bibs like the Sugoi Evolution Women’s Cycling Bib Shorts have incredibly comfortable straps and Pit Stop 2 Technology.

Whether you’re looking to log thousands of miles or looking to ride to your local coffee shop, a pair of high quality bib shorts will be your favorite piece of cycling apparel. Bib shorts are the choice of many professional cyclists and are perfect for long rides. Here at Jenson USA, we are all about riding with bib shorts. We carry premium brands like Pearl Izumi, Castelli Cycling, and Sugoi. If you’re curious which bibs we’re stoked about, just ask one of our Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 888-880-3811.