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Chromag likes to design stuff themselves. The founders started the company by creating frames and components that they personally desired, but soon that passion expanded to creating awesome products for members of their community. Based in the rugged Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Chromag had the perfect testing environment to put their products to the test. Chromag has grown into a company that is known around the world for having amazing products that look incredible. As they strive into the future, their product base continually evolves and expands.

Chromag prides themselves on making high quality and innovative products. They have a desire to create relevant products with a heightened sense of detail. Their design process starts with function and performance with an emphasis on durability and reliability. This process is topped off with amazing imprinted graphics and creative color options. Any bike decked out with Chromag components is guaranteed to turn heads and invoke envy. Their product line also includes the Liaison series which was created hand in hand with mountain bike legend Brandon Semenuk, including the popular Overture saddle and Contact pedals.

Chromag’s bike are built by hand with and feature proprietary subcomponents and tube-sets. The frames' custom geometries, CNC’d dropouts and junctions, custom tube sets and modern design make them truly works of art. These qualities allow Chromag framesets to stand out from the rest and acquire a huge following of loyal customers. Chromag offers a huge range of hardtails designed for trail and all-mountain riding such as the Samurai, Stylus, and Wideangle, along with a dirt jump frame called the Monk for those who like to execute tricks and get sideways.

All in all, Chromag Bikes is ran by a group of passionate mountain bikers who have chosen a life focused around the sport they love so much. They value quality products that are suitable for the styles of riding that they love. They pride themselves on being creative in their style and their sport. Chromag wants to welcome all their customers to join their family.

Whether you’re looking for an anodized Ranger stem, BZA Carbon handlebar, Trailmaster saddle, or just have questions about Chromag Bikes, then jump on a call or chat with one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554 seven days a week.