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Clif Bar

CLIF BAR was born during a one-day 175-mile bike ride known as the Epiphany Ride as an exhausted Gary Erickson realized he couldn’t stand the energy bars he had to force feed himself to survive the gruesome ride. The idea for a better tasting bar was then born. In 1991 Gary created the first CLIF BAR recipe in his mother’s pristine kitchen, which took him 6 months to do. The following year in 1992, Gary named the bar after his father, Clifford, who introduced him to wilderness adventures and encouraged him to follow his passions in life and was also one of his biggest inspirations. CLIF BAR was a success and over the years built upon a brand that puts community, people and quality ingredients first above all.

In 1999, CLIF BAR launched LUNA, a nutrition bar for women. Judging by its popularity, it was a hit! It didn’t take long for offers to be made to purchase CLIF BAR but seeing that they could do more good in the world, Gary Erickson and Kit Crawford chose to keep their company family owned. They’ve even walked away from a 120 million offer to sell the company. Now that’s some real commitment. They have a company-wide volunteer program called Project 2080, which asks their employees to dedicate at least 20 hours of paid time to community service each year. This is real community outreach. In 2002 Gary and Kit realized that sustaining their business, brands, people, community and the planet is a better return in investment than one bottom line, so their business model was born.

They began using organic ingredients in 2003 such as organic rolled oats in their effort to continue to raise the bar and help create a healthier, just, and sustainable food system. This move guaranteed some of the healthiest and wholesome ingredients to be used to produce great tasting, high-quality energy bars. In 2004 they recognized the importance of creating a nutritional bar that met the needs of active kids, so they introduced the CLIF Kid Zbar, which was also USDA Organic. Putting emphasis on community involvement, Gary and Kit establish the Clif Bar Family Foundation to support innovative small and mid-size nonprofits that give back to the community. In 2007 they went international, with the initial sales in the UK.

When living an active lifestyle it’s important to fuel yourself with some of the best foods around to keep your body working at maximum efficiency at all times and to give energy to people living active lifestyles. With CLIF BAR, you’re ensured that you will get everything you need in every bite and nothing you don’t. You can stay well fed on your workouts with CLIF and their Nut Butter bars with the filling, which makes them so much more enjoyable to eat while doing your workout. With their Shot Energy Gels, you will be able to supply your body with essential electrolytes to keep you going.

So whether you’re looking to do a century ride, a mountain bike race, or just cruising the bike paths, then you’ll love all the products from the CLIF BAR company. If you’re a dedicated hardworking athlete then they are committed to making foods to keep you riding hard. If you have any questions about CLIF BAR ingredients or CLIF BAR organic percentages, you can see their website or talk to one our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554.