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Crimps, Ferrules, & Guides

One of the most often forgotten parts of a bicycle are the Crimps, Ferrules, and Guides. Cable end crimps, also referred to as end caps or cable ends, are designed to keep the ends of the cables from fraying. Frayed cables can impair shifting performance, so having a cable end is always a good idea. Not only are cable crimps important, but they can be used as a good opportunity to add a little extra flair to your ride. Cable ends come in a multitude of colors to choose from.

Ferrules are the small caps that go on the ends of the shift housing and brake housing. Whenever possible, you should add a ferrule on the end of the housing. Sometimes the housing stops or barrel adjusters are too small to accept a ferrule so you don't need to use one. The housing stops or barrel adjuster will work as a ferrule in these cases. Ferrules are most important when it comes to shifting housing, or compressionless housing. A ferrule-less shift cable housing can cause poor shifting performance that can deteriorate over time.

Guides are an often overlooked part of a bike that are crucial to the overall performance and look of a bike. Without cable guides, the cable housing would just flop around and have the potential to hit or get caught in something it shouldn't. Cable housing needs guides to keep them in line and neatly tucked away on the frame. Some frames have internal routing and don't require cable guides and some frames have built-in guides that just require a C-clip or a zip-tie. If you're ever in doubt of what you need for your Cables and Housing, just let our Gear Advisors know.