When it comes to comfortable silicone grips, nothing comes close to the comfort of ESI Grips. ESI, also known as Extreme Steering Incorporated, was started in 1999 and has been making superior quality bike products for more than 20 years. Many mountain bikers and road rides have come to love their products because the grips are ultra-plush, grippy, and exceptionally lightweight. Not only are they the original and ultimate 100% silicone grips chosen by champions, but their products are also made in the USA.

ESI didn’t start with grips though. Back in 1991, the CEO and founder, Gary Stewart, started developing a product called the “Stabilizer” that was designed to help with speed and cornering stability for mountain bikes. While prototyping and designed this Stabilizer, Gary would ride his mountain bike and while riding his mountain bike, he would experience pain in his arms and hands. This led him to create the perfect mountain bike grip made of 100% silicone.

To this day, ESI is still making the best silicone MTB grips. The ESI Chunky Grips and Extra Chunky Grips are some of the most sought-after grips on the market. They are grippy, whether they’re wet or dry, and they stick to the handlebar with no glue or lock-on clamps. This technology was implemented with road bike tape as well with the RCT tape. With superior shock absorption, tackiness, and incredible durability, the RCT tape has become a popular choice with many road riders, cyclocross riders, and triathletes all over.

ESI Grips are incredibly easy to install with just a little rubbing alcohol. These great grips feel much more comfortable and are much more durable than foam grips and stick to the handlebars just like lock-on grips. Unlike foam grips, the silicone material of the ESI Grips has an easily washable grip surface that is UV resistant and non-porous.

Whether you have a cross-country mountain bike, cyclocross bike, road race bike, or a downhill mountain bike, ESI Grips has handlebar grips for you. With quality products, superior technology, and a plethora of colors, you’ll have their grips on all your bikes. If you have any questions about ESI Grips or are curious which silicone grips we use on our bikes, then ask one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554.