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Gravel continues to grow exponentially in the bicycle world. Gravel bikes are much more capable than they have ever been and now have technology that sets them apart from every other style of riding. Shimano spent two years listening to what riders wanted and created the world's first dedicated gravel component series. Shimano wanted to create a groupset that has options. Options like single and double chainring drivetrain options, optional braking positions, and dropper post options. The GRX line has enhanced lever shapes for better braking and increased leverage and the textured brake lever coatings provide enhanced weather braking confidence. The components are designed to be great for cyclocross racing, bikepacking, and nearly any bike exploration.

The Shimano GRX RX400 is designed for 2x10 gearing and offers hydraulic disc brakes that provide great stopping power offroad and in adverse weather conditions. The rear derailleur has a chain stabilizer that can be switched on and off to match the terrain and prevent chain slapping and drops. Riders can easily go up to a 36T max cassette to crush the hills and ride in rough terrain. This Shimano GRX groupset is perfect for riders looking to ride gravel, go bikepacking, or commute.

For those that want a 2x11 drivetrain instead of 2x10, the new GRX RX800 series is perfect. With the capability to run up to a 42T cassette on the rear, this line is perfect for the more aggressive gravel rider. The rear derailleur has a gravel-tuned clutch tension that is adjustable to match the terrain. Riders can use either a 2x or 1x Shimano GRX crankset for wider ranges out on the dirt. The crank balances weight and efficiency for mixed-terrain riding and the gearing options cater to for the specific demands of gravel riding. The front derailleur has wider tire clearance and lighter front shifting.

If you're more interested in gravel racing or cyclocross, the GRX Di2 line is for you. With an improved grip on the shift levers, you'll have enhanced confidence on choppy surfaces and descents and with higher braking efficiency, you'll have reduced fatigue on longer rides. Electronic shifting shifts significantly better than mechanical shifting. Di2 provides crisp, clean, and faster shifting making it the perfect option for racing. Similarly to the RX800 series, the GRX Di2 is capable of using a 42T cassette so you can ride in rough terrain with ease.

So whether you're looking for a 10-speed drivetrain for your adventure bike or an electronic drivetrain for your cyclocross racer, you'll find what you need with Shimano GRX. If you have any questions about the Di2 levers, crank arms, or just about the different levels of GRX, you can talk to one of our Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554.