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Handlebar Grips and Tape

When it comes to freshening up your bike and giving it an upgrade, one of the best moves you can make as far as bang for the buck is installing new handlebar grips or tape. We carry a full selection of handlebar grips and tape for mountain and road bikes. Here are a few key things to consider for both:

Grips: We carry mountain bike grips in different styles and materials to provide the control and comfort you need whether you’re sending it at the bike park or going big on a 100-mile XC marathon. You can choose lock-on grips, which are quick and easy to install or swap using screw-on bolts; or slide-on grips, which are usually lighter weight but not quite as easy to change. Shapes vary, too: We have ergo grips designed for endurance riding, foam-style for lightweight shock absorption, and varying levels of thickness to suit your preferences. We carry every variety from top brands like ODI, Lizard Skins, Ergon, ESI, Oury and many more.

Handlebar Tape: Drop-style handlebars require tape, and having the right type can make a big difference in comfort and control. Handlebar tape comes in different materials and thicknesses, each offering a unique feel. Thinner tape may be best for riders with smaller hands, or those who prefer a minimalist, connected-to-the-road feel. It’s usually made with plastic, rubber or leather. Thicker tape offers added padding and shock absorption, which can help reduce fatigue on rough roads or longer rides. For a plush feel, you can choose natural cork or synthetic foam — and some tape is designed with gel for added cushioning. One other variable to consider: Some tapes come with an adhesive, which makes it easier to wrap. We carry all different styles and colors of handlebar tape from top brands like Cinelli, Fi’zi:k, Lizard Skins, Profile Designs and Serfas. If you have any questions give one of our expert Gear Advisors a call today at 888-880-3811.