ISM Saddles

Saddles are a difficult thing to purchase due to everyone having a different body type. Unfortunately, there isn’t just one saddle that feels great for everyone out riding their bikes. Many different styles of cycling benefit from different styles of saddles. Riders who ride in a more upright position will benefit from a wider saddle versus a person who rides in a more aggressive position. ISM changed the traditional saddle design and created a much different bicycle saddle that improves riding comfort, performance, and blood flow.

ISM makes saddles for mountain bikes, road bikes, cruisers, triathlon bikes, and much more. The nose of the saddles is split down the center to relieve pressure to sensitive areas and improving comfort. Traditional bike saddles might have a cutout in the center to relieve pressure but none come close to the comfort of an ISM bike saddle. They have two main types of saddles: performance and comfort. Performance saddles are for road, mountain, time trial, and triathlon bikes while comfort saddles are for cruisers and bikes where riders sit more upright.

Performance saddles are available in multiple styles: Performance narrow, long, short, recreation, and mountain. These saddles are, for the most part, self-explanatory. Long saddles are best for fore and aft movement while short saddles are best for time trials and triathlons. Performance recreation saddles are best for hybrid, commuter, city, triathlon, mountain, and road bikes. Mountain saddles have a sloped rear for body clearance and have the same basic design as the popular performance short models.

If you’re looking for something much more comfortable, then you’ll love their comfort saddles. These are separated into comfort fitness and comfort city. Comfort saddles are wider than performance saddles and provide additional padding for riders who just want to cruise without cycling shorts.

ISM is one of the top-rated saddle manufacturers in the world. Many riders enjoy riding with multiple saddles in their product line on their various bikes. So whether you’re looking for a comfortable saddle for your beach cruiser, an ISM Adamo saddle for your road bike, or a saddle to sit on as you ride to victory in your race, then you’ll find everything you need at Jenson USA. If you have any questions about saddles or want to know what we personally use on our bikes, then talk to one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 888-880-3811.