For many of us, riding bikes around the neighborhood with our friends were some of the fondest memories of our childhoods. It was our first introduction to independence and adventure. A chance to explorer beyond the bounds of our houses and parents. Those wheels gave us the ability to do what nothing else could, escape the ordinary and have fun. Whether you are looking for a new bike for your own child, or have a little friend you want to get stoked, there is no greater gift to a kid than a bike. Kids bikes shape the childhoods of many. Don’t let your special friend or child miss out on the adventure.

Kids bikes come in many shapes of sizing. Unfortunately as a kid grows, they outgrow their bike too. This means a child usually needs to have several bikes during their childhood. When they are super young, push bikes can teach them balance before they graduate to an actual bike. Push bikes make the bike-riding learning process much easier. Once they are ready for a real bike, training wheels are a great first step. As the child gets taller, they can then grow into bikes with bigger wheels.

Once you child becomes a cycling enthusiast, multiple companies make high-end kids bikes so your child’s bicycle doesn’t hinder their progression. Properly designed kids bikes have better geometry and elite level components that make them safer and more fun to ride. If your kid is a shredder, a proper bike will allow them to expand their skills with a smaller chance of crashing. Strong brakes, stiff wheels, and proper suspension make a huge difference in how the bike rides and handles terrain. A high-end bike also won’t break beneath them when they send it off a jump.

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