Your new bike arrives fully ready to ride in under three minutes. Simply install your front wheel and your favorite pedals, and you're ready to chase your own adventure.

Bikes let us experience and explore the world around us in an amazing way. At Jenson USA, we don't want anything to stand between you and your next adventure. That's why we completely reimagined how we deliver your bike to you. From the box design to the way we protect your bike during shipping, we've created an industry-leading experience to deliver your bike quickly, safely, and fully ready to ride in under 3 minutes.



Each bike that leaves our warehouse is completely assembled by our techs to ensure that every aspect of your bike is ready to go and safe to ride when it arrives at your door. We do the work, so you can spend your time on the ride. This build process allows our bike techs to inspect your bike from end to end, verify all parts are included, and everything is functioning properly.


Our techs perform a multipoint inspection of your frame and various components to ensure that there are no defects, flaws, or mechanical issues. It is one thing to just assemble a bike, but we take that a step further by inspecting and testing your bike for function and safety. You can ride assured that your bike is ready for the world of adventure before you.


Everything from wheel to wheel is torqued, adjusted, and calibrated. What good is a beautiful bike if it doesn't perform equally well? Our bike techs ensure that your bike and components are dialed in to perform flawlessly mile after mile, so you can focus on your ride, and not worry about maintenance.


We've designed our bike box to ensure ultimate protection of your bike and the absolute minimum setup upon arrival. Once we've Built, Tested, and Tuned your new bike, it comes time to send it out to its new home. We use injection molding to create completely custom packaging to protect your new bike on its journey. Once your bike arrives, simply open the box, remove the protective foam pieces and install your front wheel.  



This step-by-step video guide will help you get your bike ready to pedal in under 3 minutes.

Mountain Bike Assembly

Road Bike Assembly


Q & A

What do I have to do to setup my bike when it arrives?

  1. Open the box.
  2. Remove foam packaging (injection molded forms).
  3. Install front wheel and tighten skewer or thru-axle.*

*On bikes with QR skewers, the front skewer will be found inside the New Bike Day box.
*XL or larger 29er bikes and road bikes will ship with their seatpost removed for safe shipping, and will need the seatpost installed after unpacking.

Do I need any special tools to assemble my bike?

All you need to do is to install your front wheel and put on your favorite set of pedals.  Dependent on your fork manufacturer you may need a hex key to install your front wheel. We have checked over the rest of the bike and dialed in the details, so everything is ready to go for a ride. You may need a set of hex keys to make fit adjustments for your preference, typically a set of 4mm, 5mm, 6mm hex keys and occasionally a T25 torx key are all that is needed should you decide to make minor adjustments to the setup of your bike.

What should I do if my bike isn't perfectly tuned or setup upon arrival?

We work diligently and thoroughly to try to ensure that every bike is ride ready when it arrives. Occasionally, things can get bumped during shipping. Don't worry, we've got you covered. If you have questions about your bike's setup, reach out to our Gear Advisors, and they will find the best solution to make sure you and your bike are setup just right.

What if my bike arrived damaged from shipping?

We've created an industry-leading bike packing process to fully protect your bike during transit. But, should anything happen to damage your bike during shipping, we've got your back. Contact our Gear Advisors, and they will work as fast as possible to find a solution that works best for you.