Mountain biking is usually done in bike shorts or a bib. However, if you are looking for a little more protection consider getting some mountain bike pants. Mountain bike pants provide increased protection for your lower legs and typically feature reinforced areas that normal shorts do not. If you are interested in mountain bike pants, check out the wide selection we have here at JensonUSA.

Mountain bike pants are a favorite amongst downhill mountain bikers. When riding DH, a rider is usually riding a bike park that has a chairlift or they are hiking with their bike to the top of the trail. Since breathable shorts and a bib that allow hours of comfortable saddle time aren’t required, wearing full-length pants are popular since they provide increased levels of protection. Since pants are a little more restrictive and less breathable than shorts, most cross-country racers and trail bike riders typically wear shorts and a bib. This provides more comfort during those long days of consistent climbing.

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