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Feedback Sports

Whether you’re looking for a work stand so you can work on your bike, looking for storage so you don’t have to lean your bike up against a wall, or you’re looking for tools, Feedback Sports has got what you need to complete the job. Based in Golden, Colorado, Feedback has been creating products since 2004 for cyclists and mechanics so they keep their bikes rolling efficiently. Their mission is to create products that they themselves believe in while forging long-lasting relationships with the cycling community. They are continuously motivated to develop new and innovative products.

Feedback bike stands are among some of the highest quality in the world. Made with premium-quality materials, the Feedback stands are compact with their foldable design and feature a 360-degree rotation. Stands like the Pro Elite Stand come with a tote bag so you can easily transport your stand from your garage to the trailhead or a race so you can keep your bike maintained everywhere you go. It also features a locking clamp that has a ratcheting action as well as a push button quick release. Feedback Sports bike stands are perfect for all types of bikes including mountain bikes, road bikes, and triathlon bikes.

Their trainers are simple and great for race day warm-ups. Feedback Sports trainers are compact and portable so you can transport them easily. Trainers like the Feedback Sports Omnium Portable Trainer features internal progressive resistance or zero resistance and works for all types of axles. It has an adjustable wheelbase and fork-mount height for various types of bikes. The rear wheel sits in between the two rollers and the fork mounts on the front.

There’s no point in owning a premium bike stand without owning some tools to work on your bike. The tools kits from Feedback feature all the tools needed to get the job done and get your bike back out on the road or trail. Their toolkits have professional grade durability and tight tolerances. All of this is nicely stored inside a case to keep the tools organized and is easily transportable.

The bike storage makes it so you don’t have to lean your bike up against a wall or lay it on the floor. The Velo Hinge hangs bike vertically on the wall, keeping your bike out of the way and increases the space in the room. Feedback has other types of storage stands like the Scorpion stand that goes through the crankset and bottom bracket, and the Velo Cache and Column that allows you to store bikes on top of each other up against a wall.

So whether you’re looking for a solution to your storage needs, looking for a premium-quality work stand to keep your bike rolling properly, or just looking for a gram scale so you can keep the weight on your bike down, then you’ll find everything you need with Feedback. Jenson USA carries some of the best Feedback Sports products for sale. If you have any questions about them or want to know which products we’re stoked about, just ask one of your expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554.