Rear Bike Shock Service Kits & Parts

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Rockshox Monarch High Volume Service Kit
SAVE 42 %
MSRP $17.00
Award Winner
Cane Creek Rear Shock Hardware
From $14.94
SAVE 31 %
MSRP $21.50
Award Winner
Rockshox Monarch Plus Full Service Kit
SAVE 17 %
MSRP $52.00
Award Winner
Rockshox Monarch Plus Basic Service Kit
SAVE 18 %
MSRP $38.00
Award Winner
Rockshox Lyrik Rct3 Service Kit
From $34.99
SAVE 10 %
MSRP $39.00
Award Winner
Rockshox Rear Shock Air Can Service Kit
SAVE 12 %
MSRP $17.00
Rockshox Monarch Debonair Service Kit
SAVE 17 %
MSRP $18.00
Award Winner
Rockshox Rear Suspension Damping Fluid
From $3.99
SAVE 20 %
MSRP $5.00
Rockshox Bottomless Ring Kit
SAVE 13 %
MSRP $16.00
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Rear Shock Service Kits and Parts

One of the best ways to breathe new life into your full-suspension mountain bike is to overhaul the rear suspension. We carry a full line of rear shock service kits and parts for all your shock maintenance needs. From full kits — which often include replacement seals and O-rings — to parts including canisters, air valves and caps, volume spacers, cables and other essentials — we have what you need to get your shock performing like new.

Rear shocks consist of two telescopic tubes that slide into each other. They all use a spring mechanism, either air or coil, that compresses under force, and a damping system that regulates the spring’s rate of compression as well as its rebound. The parts inside the shock — springs, air canisters, bushings and seals — require regular maintenance, and sometimes need to be replaced.

If you notice that your suspension isn’t performing the way it should, check your rear shock. Is the air pressure down? Could be a leak. Do you see some oil on the shaft? It might need new seals. The good news is most rear shocks can be brought back to life fairly easily. Take a look at our rear shock service kits and parts.

We have most of the major suspension brands covered, such as Fox Racing Shox, RockShox, Cane Creek, DVO, MRP and others. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, you can call one of our Gear Advisors at 951-234-7554 with any questions. They’ll be happy to help you get your rear shock running like new again.