Shebeest Skinny Americano Bike Shorts
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Shebeest is a brand developed by women riders specifically for women riders. They’re dedicated to delivering cycling wear with impeccably tailored, on the bike fit and performance boosting technical features without compromising the feminine style. Each piece of Shebeest cycling apparel is designed to empower women riders to take on riding adventures that will enhance their cycling experience and energize their happiness, health, and spirit. The women behind Shebeest are cyclists themselves so they’re constantly testing each piece they produce on the roads and trails to ensure each garment fits and feels good for the intended purposes. You can tell from the quality that they pursue the highest standards in fabric quality and latest technology. They are constantly reviewing their offering and finetuning when the opportunity arises to keep their line of offering up to date. Each season can contain up to 30-40 different types of fabrics, all with different properties and textures. Shebeest has been working hard to assess each item for the best usage and placement for dynamic fit so you feel your best in the saddle. Shebeest has always been known for its bold personality. Colors are fresh and fashion-forward. Prints are mixed and matched in a way that most designers would shy away from.

In our collection, we have tons of women’s cycling apparel to choose from, including cycling bib shorts, cycling jerseys, cycling shorts, MTB shorts, long sleeve jerseys, tank top shorts, cycling arm sleeves, socks, gloves and much more! When in the market for cycling bib shorts for women, you’re in luck. Shebeest has a great selection of comfortable cycling bib shorts you can choose from! The Shebeest Petunia Mafia women’s bib shorts will make you never want to go back to conventional shorts ever again. They feature an innovative bib design that avoids breasts and finishes behind the neck, allowing to be removed without removing the jersey. The Divine Jersey is Shebeest’s best-selling jersey thanks to the supremely silky fabrics with advanced moisture transfer system to wick sweat away from your skin. With the Shebeest Petunia Cycling Shorts, you’ll experience performance boosting technical features without compromising comfort and feminine style. For cooler weather, the Virtue Long Sleeve Jersey comes in the clutch! It features a whisper-light brushed back for a cozy warmth and the feminine reflective trim makes you easier to spot in low lighting and with a full-length zipper you’ll have a quick and easy way to ventilate in case you start getting too hot during your ride. The Skinny Americano shorts will be great for any female rider looking for a fun mountain short that won’t weigh them down. They’re comprised of a poly and spandex blend and feature easily accessible pockets to keep your valuables. For the cool early morning rides and frigid evenings, the Woodsy Long Sleeve Jersey features a tall contoured collar with a stretch-mesh hood that fits closely under your helmet to help keep the chill out without being too bulky. It provides you with great protection against the cooler weather riding conditions.

So whether you’re looking for stylish and comfortable women’s cycling gear, classic Shebeest shorts, a Bellissima Jersey, or cycling clothing that has a relaxed, yet flattering fit, then you’ll find everything you need with Shebeest and Jenson USA. We have a plethora of women’s cycling clothes. All Shebeest clothing has specific Shebeest sizing charts. When you purchase apparel from Jenson USA, you can shop with confidence knowing we offer free apparel returns. This means that when it arrives, if it doesn’t fit, just send it back. If you have any questions about women’s cycling apparel, or you have questions about sizing, then talk to one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554.