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Shimano Ultegra ST-R8000 Shifters
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MSRP $359.99
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Shimano 105 ST-R7020 Shifter/Brake Set
SAVE 35 %
MSRP $310.00
Shimano Saint BR-M820 Disc Brake
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MSRP $243.00
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Shimano Ultegra CS-R8000 11SP Cassette
From $64.99
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MSRP $83.00
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Shimano XT SM-RT86 6 Bolt Ice-Tech Rotor 1
From $44.99
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MSRP $50.00
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Shimano XT RD-M8000 11SP Rear Derailleur
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MSRP $101.99
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Shimano Dura-Ace Fc-R9100 Crankset
SAVE 35 %
MSRP $600.00
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Shimano CN-HG701 QL 11 Speed Chain
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MSRP $40.99
Shimano XT CS-M8000 11 Speed Cassette
From $79.99
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MSRP $100.00
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Shozaburo Shimano opened Shimano in 1921 with one basic goal: to make a great bicycle freewheel. He didn’t choose freewheels because they were cost-effective, profitable, or easy to make. He chose them because they require the most technology, ingenuity, and precision. Shozaburo wanted to make the most difficult component he could. He wanted to offer a keystone to cycling, and the industry happily accepted. His ambition combined with his knack for working with great engineers put Shimano’s components at the apex of cycling, where they have continued to stand firmly to this day.

By the late 1950s, Shimano Components had begun producing internal 3-speed hubs. It seems like no great feat by today’s standards, but for its time, it was a pretty magnificent device. Adding a simple transmission to contemporary bicycles redefined what bikes were capable of. Suddenly hills and other obstacles became less intimidating. Along with a versatile drivetrain, Shimano also knew the importance of a reliable braking system. They engineered the best coaster brake they could, and by the mid-1970s, they were shipping 50,000 units per month.

To this day, Shimano holds fast to their original goal of meticulously designing and manufacturing the most intricate and vital parts of a bicycle. Their 3-speed hubs have evolved into effortlessly capable 1X11 and 1x12 drivetrains; their coaster brakes have evolved into the powerful hydraulic disc systems that professional mountain bikers use across the globe. Their technology has changed, but their desire to make bicycles more capable machines haven’t.

Shimano is one of the only companies in the cycling world to have a huge market share in both the road and mountain bike segments of the industry. The company is renowned for making road componentry that shifts smoothly and accurately, brakes on demand with control, and continues to perform at the highest-level ride after ride. In the opposite arena, Shimano’s mountain bike lines are regarded at the highest level for their exceptional reliability and longevity, brute durability, and consistent performance in all conditions. Whether you decide to take to the road or trail over the weekend, you can ride in confidence knowing your bike is kitted out with amazing Shimano bicycle products.

No matter what type of rider you are, Shimano USA makes a bike component or group set that will suit your needs. If you’re the type of rider who does frequent races and demands the best components money can buy, then XTR or Dura-Ace is for you. If you’re a rider on a budget, and in search for the best bang for your buck then something like SLX or Shimano 105 may be just what you’re looking for. One of the best road bike groupsets that provide a perfect balance between lightweight, performance, and value is Shimano Ultegra. For the rider that likes to tackle technical rock gardens, steep chutes, and giant slopestyle jumps, Shimano makes Saint and Zee just for you. Whether you’re looking for a new Di2 Dura-Ace Shimano drivetrain for your road bike, Shimano derailleurs, front or rear derailleurs, Zee brakes, and Saint cranks for your downhill bike, or just have a question about any Shimano cycling product, jump on a call or chat with one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 888-880-3811 seven days a week.