Socket Wrenches for Bikes



Bikes are held together with nuts and bolts. Doesn’t matter if it’s a $100 bicycle from Wal Mart or a $12,000 custom road bike, nuts and bolts hold them both together. Bolts are great, but you are currently looking at socket wrenches so let’s talk about socket wrenches and nuts. Nuts are mainly used to attach wheels to bikes. Most high-end bikes usually have quick release axles or thru-axles, but a large portion of bikes still have bolt on wheels which require a socket wrench to install. Luckily for you, we have a nice selection of socket wrenches for bikes at JensonUSA.

Besides tightening wheels, there are several other parts of a bike that occasionally use socket wrenches. On the smaller side, some stems, seat posts, and seat post clamps require a socket wrench to be tightened. On the larger side, a lot of mountain bike suspension forks require a socket wrench to open the internals. Some socket sets also come with attachments that have hex keys and torx wrenches to use on other parts of a bike.

The bike industry is focused around the metric system. Because of this, the majority of nuts and bolts on a bike are metric as well. Since there are two size standards for wrenches and sockets, it is important to use the correct tool for the nut or bolt you are tightening or loosening. A standard socket is only slightly smaller or bigger than a metric socket. Using a standard socket to tighten a metric bolt can strip the bolt and make it potentially difficult or impossible to remove.

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