Women's Cycling Gloves

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Women’s Cycling Gloves

If you’re the type of rider who likes to ride, then you’ll want to have a pair of bike gloves. Many riders consider bike gloves a necessity for all types of riding. Whether you’re riding one mile or 100 miles, gloves are only beneficial. Not all gloves are created equally though. There are cycling gloves that are specifically for warm weather riding, cycling gloves for winter, and gloves for mild fall riding. Cycling gloves can be windproof and waterproof. They even have gloves specifically for mountain biking or road biking. Needless to say, riders can easily own several pairs of gloves if they ride often and don’t let the weather dictate when they ride.

Mountain bike gloves often have full finger coverage. This helps protect the fingers from being hit by any overhanging brush. Mountain bike gloves will often be optimized for maximum grip, but some will come with padding in the palm for added comfort while riding. Gloves for downhill mountain biking and enduro riding also have added protection in the knuckles. This is so riders can downhill with more confidence. Mountain bike gloves are built to be more durable. This is so when riders crash on their bikes, their gloves won’t get torn up as easily.

Road bike gloves are all about being lightweight and comfortable. These gloves often have padding in the palm for added comfort and use lightweight materials for increased breathability. Road bike gloves have a half finger design which increases the breathability, so riders can put in hundreds of miles without their hands getting hot. The padding in the palm can vary between model and premium gloves will have denser padding which is more comfortable for longer rides.

When it comes to cold weather riding or riding in less-than-desirable weather conditions, there are many different types of cycling gloves to take the cold edge off your hands. For days when it’s mild to cold out, there are windproof cycling gloves that will protect your hands from the harsh winds. These gloves are slightly thicker than regular cycling gloves and have a windproof barrier on the top to keep your hands warm. As the temperature drops closer to freezing, winter cycling gloves will be your go-to gloves. These gloves are much thicker than windproof cycling gloves but can be on the bulky side. Waterproof cycling gloves are perfect for riding in the rain. If you’re the type of rider who rides rain or shine, then you’ll want to get a pair of these. All of these gloves are full finger cycling gloves and wick moisture away to help keep your hands dry.

Whatever type of riding you like to do, there is a glove for you… or multiple gloves. Make sure you have a pair of gloves while you’re riding for extra comfort on the bike. If you’d like to know what kind of gloves we prefer for our rides, then ask our Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 888-880-3811.