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Schwalbe | Rocket Ron Super Race 24 Tire | Black | 24X2.1", Performance, Addix

$47.60 11% off $54.00 msrp

Schwalbe Rocket Ron Super Race 24 Tire The Schwalbe Rocket Ron is a cross-country rocket combines speed and cornering control at the highest possible level. An excellent all-rounder for racetracks. It features a cleverly designed tread balanced for low rolling resistance whilst remaining grippy, which comes into play in technical courses and single tracks. The tread has sufficient gaps between the nobs that allow for self cleaning. It’s a cross country tire that is more ...


Maxxis | Minion Dhf 24" Tire 24X2.4" Folding 60Tpi/dc Exo Tubeless | Rubber

$63.00 8% off $69.00 msrp

Maxxis Minion DHF 24" Tire The most popular mountain tire Maxxis offers. The Maxxis Minion DHF delivers both speed and precision all thanks to its directional knob design that maintains a firm grip on the descents allowing for a faster plunge into the technical terrain. The Maxxis DHF is a tire meant for Enduro and all-mountain riding and features numerous casing and rubber compound options so you can find the tire that best suits your ...


Maxxis | Rekon 24" Tire | Black | 24 X 2.2 | Rubber

$41.00 8% off $45.00 msrp

MAXXIS REKON 24" TIREAGGRESSIVE TIRES FOR LITTLE SHREDDERSThe type of tires you have on your bike have a significant impact on your riding performance. Tread patterns and tire widths are just some of the things that will affect how well you ride in certain terrains. The Maxxis Rekon 24" Tire is an aggressive trail tire inspired by the Maxxis Ikon. It is designed for aggressive XC trails and has wide knobs down the middle that ...


Maxxis | Minion Dhr Ii 24" Tire | Black | 24 X 2.3

$51.00 8% off $56.00 msrp

MAXXIS MINION DHR II 24" TIREBRINGING ALL THE MINIONSAggressive riding requires some aggressive tires. The type of tires you use on your bike will have a significant impact on how well you roll and how well you corner. The Maxxis Minion DHR II 24" Tire is built to shred and features ramped and siped tread to roll fast and track straight under braking. The side knobs are widened to provide more support so it can ...


Schwalbe | Hans Dampf 24" Tire | Black | 24X2.35", Performance, Tl-R, Addix | Rubber

$48.56 26% off $66.00 msrp

Schwalbe Hans Dampf 24” Tire The Schwalbe Hans Dampf 24” Tire is a popular trail and all-mountain tire ready for whatever you throw at it. Featuring moderately-large center blocks in a unique, alternating tread pattern, the Hans Dampf throws down loads of traction in various terrains and it’s large shoulder lugs provide excellent cornering abilities. The Schwalbe Addix compound is perfect for cross-country, trail or all-mountain riding and offers two rubber compounds for extended ...