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27.5 Inch Tubeless Tire


Maxxis | Assegai 27.5" Trail Tire | Black | 27.5x2.5, 60tpi, 3C, EXO Tubeless


Maxxis Assegai 27. 5" Trail TireKICK 'EM IN THE ASSEGAIAn assegai is an iron-tipped spear used by the Zulu people in South Africa. It is a fitting name for a tire that is ready to battle the trails. The Maxxis Assegai 27. 5" Tire has tall knobs that work well in dusty and loamy conditions as well as on wet roots and rocks. It features a 3C or DC compound that offers ultimate grip and ...


Teravail | Kessel 27.5 Tire | Black | 27.5"X2.5", Ultra Durable Casting, Tubeless


Teravail Kessel 27. 5 TireThe Teravail Kessel 27. 5 Tire is Teravail’s most aggressive trail, all-mountain, and enduro tire. The Kessler features large, angled lugs, an open tread pattern and dual-compound rubber for exceptional grip on loose and technical terrain. Ramped center lugs keep the rolling resistance on the Kessel low, while the Durable and Ultra-Durable casings with sidewall and puncture protection keep you rolling. Kessel delivers predictable performance as you push your ...


Teravail | Rutland 27.5 Tire | Black | 27.5"X2.1", Durable Casing, Tubeless


Teravail Rutland 27. 5 TireThe Teravail Rutland 27. 5 Tire was designed with the unkown in mind and takes the guesswork out of selecting the right tire for the ride. The ramped, tightly spaced center lugs reduce rolling resistance while more aggressive shoulder and transition lugs provide grip in loose conditions. This makes it ideal for most riding conditions and a top pick for getting rowdy. The Teravail Rutland 27. 5 Tire is ideal for ...


Maxxis | Minion SS 27.5" Tires 27.5x2.5, Folding/3C Tubeless

$64.80 20% off $81.00 msrp

Maxxis Minion SS 27. 5" TireIntroducing the Maxxis Minion SS Tire, a dirt tire with a semi-slick middle tread and aggressive side lugs. The small knobs in the middle provide low rolling resistance and the large side lugs allow for high-speed cornering. The minion SS uses the 3C MaxxGrip compound which features the softest rubber for the ultimate grip. DoubleDown uses two 120 TPI layers for unparalleled puncture and abrasion protection. Features3C MaxxGrip Uses the ...