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Bikeyoke | Shifty | Black | Sram 1X11 And 1X12 Derailleurs


Bike Yoke Shifty The Shifty replaces the original plastic cable pulley wheel on SRAM 11 and 12 speed rear derailleurs. The aluminum pulley, features a sealed (2RS) stainless steel bearing ensuring free rotation and long lasting performance even when riding in muddy conditions. Features Compatible with NX1, GX1, X1, XO1/XO1 Eagle, XX1/XX1 Eagle rear derailleurs Aluminum construction Stainless steel bearings Improve performance and feel | Bikeyoke | Shifty | Black | Sram 1X11 And 1X12 ...


Shimano | Deore Xt Rd-M8130 Linkglide 11 Speed Derailleur 11 Speed, Sgs, Linkglide


Shimano RD-M8130 DEORE XT SGS 11 Speed Rear Derailleur Legendary Shimano performance Shimano’s new LINKGLIDE system is here and it’s ready to deliver Shimano’s legendary performance for riders in search of the best in component longevity. The M8130 Deore XT derailleur perfectly integrates into the LINKGLIDE system with support for LINKGLIDE cassettes, including support for the massive 11-50t 11-speed cassette. This means that you’re getting mountain bike level gearing range but with ...


Shimano | Cues Rd-U4000 Linkglide 9 Speed Derailleur 9 Speed, Linkglide, Gs, 46 Tooth Max


Shimano CUES RD-U4000 Linkglide 9-Speed Derailleur Expand Your Horizons Shimano CUES was created to provide versatility for a wide range of bike styles. It features incredibly smooth and stress-free shifting, the robustness to withstand the demands of e-biking, and a durable design that lasts up to three times longer. The Shimano CUES RD-U4000 Linkglide 9-Speed Derailleur has smooth operation and dependable performance. This is a 1x9-speed derailleur that is e-bike-rated and is perfect for ...


Shimano | Cues Rd-U6000 Linkglide 10/11 Speed Derailleur 10/11 Speed, Gs, Linkglide, 50 Tooth Max


Shimano Cues RD-U6000 Linkglide 10/11-Speed Derailleur Ready To Tackle The Trails If you're out on the trails, you'll want a drivetrain that won't hold you back and will give you the confidence to tackle the tough stuff. The Shimano Cues RD-U6000 Linkglide 10/11-Speed Derailleur provides seamless shifting and pedaling. It has a low-profile design and chain stabilization that gives riders the confidence to choose rougher routes. This derailleur is designed and tested to provide enduring ...


Sram | Gx Eagle Axs 12 Speed Rear Derailleur Max 52T Rear Derailleur (Battery Not Included)

$269.99 30% off $390.00 msrp

SRAM GX1 EAGLE AXS 12-SPEED REAR DERAILLEURSHIFTING EVOLVEDIf you're the type of rider that wants a drivetrain that performs exceptionally well in demanding conditions, then you'll want a wireless electronic drivetrain. The SRAM GX1 Eagle AXS 12-Speed Rear Derailleur is designed for aggressive mountain biking and comes loaded with features. It features an Overload Clutch that lets the derailleur protect itself. It is AXS enabled so you can program and personalize it via the SRAM ...


Sram | Xx1 Eagle Rear Derailleur - 52T Max | Lunar | 12 Speed, 52T Max

$219.99 31% off $323.00 msrp

SRAM XX1 EAGLE Rear Derailleur - 52T Max SRAM occupies a new realm of shifting performance with the redesigned XX1 EAGLE Rear Derailleur - 52T Max, which gives no compromise racers and dream-bike builders a true top-tier option. The crisp, precise XX1™ shifting feel athletes rely on now features an updated cage geometry for improved chain management. The updated cage geometry provides better chain retention and crisper shifting, for a smoother riding experience. It also ...


Shimano | Grx Rd-Rx400 Rear Derailleur 2X10 Speed


SHIMANO GRX RD-RX400 REAR DERAILLEURGRAVEL SPECIFIC FUNWhen you're riding offroad, the type of drivetrain you use has a significant impact on your performance. Many gravel bikes use repurposed road components because there aren't too many gravel-specific components. The Shimano GRX RD-RX400 Rear Derailleur is a 10-speed derailleur designed specifically for gravel riding. It features an adjustable chain stabilizer that prevents chain slapping and chain drops and a gravel-tuned clutch ...


Sram | Red Etap Axs Front Derailleur Braze-On Front Derailleur, D1


SRAM RED AXS e Tap Braze-On Derailleur WIRELESS ELECTRONIC ROAD DRIVETRAINWhen e Tap first came out, it revolutionized electronic shifting forever. Long gone were the days of using wires to connect your shifters to your derailleurs because now everything is wireless. The new SRAM Red AXS Groupset takes this concept even further with new AXS technology that allows you to connect your drivetrain to the AXS app so you can further customize your drivetrain, see ...


Shimano | Grx Fd-Rx400 Front Derailleur Braze On, 10 Speed Drivetrain


SHIMANO GRX FD-RX400 FRONT DERAILLEURPART OF THE GRAVEL REVOLUTIONThe drivetrain that you use on your bike has a significant impact on your shifting performance. When it comes to gravel riding, many gravel bikes just use road components. The Shimano GRX FD-RX400 Front Derailleur is apart of Shimano's gravel-specific lineup. It has an ergonomic power curve and integrated cable tension adjustment. It is compatible with up to 42mm-wide tires and has more cable routing options. Features ...


Shimano | Deore Xt Rd-M8150-11 11 Speed Rear Derailleur Rear Derailleur, Rd-M8150-11, Deore Xt, Sgs 11-Speed, Top No


Shimano Deore XT Di2 RD-M8150-11 11-Speed Rear Derailleur Game-Changing E-MTB Rear Derailleur Shimano's Di2 electronic drivetrains have changed the game when it comes to performance. The Shimano Deore XT Di2 RD-M8150-11 11-Speed Rear Derailleur brings Di2 to your e-MTB with Auto-Shift with Manual Override and Free Shift functionality. It combines race-proven quality with Shimano technologies to help keep you flowing and focused on the right line. The Auto Shift with Manual Override feature ...


Sram | Apex 1 Rear Derailleur Blk, 11 Spd, 42T Max, Exact Actuation

$69.99 19% off $87.00 msrp

SRAM Apex 1 Rear Derailleur We don't yet have flying cars, but the SRAM Apex 1 Rear Derailleur is here. The long cage design is intended for 10-speed and 11-speed SRAM 1x road systems, massively simplying the road bike drivetrain, while still offering the gear range needed for those bikes and riders. And the technology that's trickled down from the rest of SRAM's range is also a good idea. Things such as CAGE LOCK, which ...


Shimano | Grx Fd-Rx810 Front Derailleur Braze On


SHIMANO GRX FD-RX810 FRONT DERAILLEURGRAVEL SPECIFICGravel riding is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Many gravel bikes just use repurposed road bike components, but there aren't many gravel-specific components out there. The Shimano GRX FD-RX810 Front Derailleur is a gravel-specific front derailleur apart of Shimano's new gravel drivetrain lineup. It has an ergonomic power curve and an integrated cable tension adjustment. It features a natural stroke feeling, 17T front ...


Shimano | Rd-M3100 Alivio 9Sp Rear Derailleur 9 Speed Sgs


Shimano RD-M3100 Alivio 9sp Rear Derailleur Shimano’s Alivio derailleur uses trickle down technology to offer consistent and crisp 9-speed shifting performance. With the low profile SHADOW derailleur design you’ll be able to ride harder with fewer derailleur issues overall. So whether you’re searching for a replacement derailleur or are building up a new bike, the Alivio rear derailleur is a great choice. Features Adjustment barrel is easily accessible SHADOW design makes the derailleur ...


Trp | Evo Rear Derailleur - 12 Speed Black/gold


TRP EVO Rear Derailleur - 12-Speed High Performance Your drivetrain shouldn't hold you back while you're out on the trail. If you're looking to upgrade your bike or you're building up something fresh, then you'll love TRP. The TRP EVO Rear Derailleur is a high-performing 12-speed rear derailleur that offers numerous features that offer smooth and efficient operation. It features an Integrated Hall Lock Lever that stabilizes the rear derailleur to eliminate drivetrain noise, Horizontal ...


Sram | X01 Type 2.1 11Sp Rear Derailleur | Black | X-Actuaion

$189.99 17% off $230.00 msrp

SRAM X01 Type 2. 1 Rear Derailleur Have you always wanted to swathe your beloved bike in SRAM'S incredible XX1 1x11 drivetrain technology? You're in for a treat! With SRAM'S X01 1x11 drivetrain line, you can grace your bike with the benefits of single-ring living without the sheer XX price tag. The SRAM X01 11 Speed Rear Derailleur features a horizontal parallelogram design, X-HORIZON that keeps the chain gap the same across all 11 gears. ...


Sram | X0 T-Type Eagle Axs 12 Spd Rear Derailleur Am Rd X0 T-Type Eagle Axs


SRAM X0 T-Type Eagle AXS 12-Speed Rear Derailleur Competition-Tested Prowess If you're looking for top-tier drivetrain performance, then you'll want to get T-Type on your bike. The SRAM X0 T-Type Eagle AXS 12-Speed Rear Derailleur mounts around the wheel axle itself, contacting the cassette directly with a first-of-its-kind Hangerless Interface. The new transmission derailleurs feature the same intuitive pairing and set-up procedure as SRAM's Eagle AXS derailleurs. You can install and pair ...


Shimano | Deore Xt Rd-M8150-12 12 Speed Rear Deraileur Rear Derailleur, Rd-M8150-12, Deore Xt, Sgs 12-Speed, Top No


Shimano RD-M8150-12 Deore XT Di2 12-Speed Rear Derailleur The future of shifting With its e-MTB optimized design paired with the legendary performance of Shimano’s XT series, the Shimano RD-M8150 Deore XT Di2 Rear Derailleur is at the heart of the XT shifting ecosystem. Like the mechanical and non-e-bike versions, this XT derailleur uses Hyperglide+ technology for smoother and more precise shifts, and Shadow RD+ technology for reliable shifting over the roughest terrain. This e-optimized XT ...


Sram | Gx Dh Rear Derailleur | Black | 7 Speed, 28 Tooth Max. Rear, A3

$114.00 5% off $120.00 msrp

SRAM GX DH REAR DERAILLEURRIDE. RINSE. REPEATDownhill riding can be very taxing on your bike and components. You'll want a derailleur that can withstand the demands of gravity riding. The SRAM GX DH Rear Derailleur is packed with World Championship-winning features. Is it easier to shift, is incredibly precise, and keeps the unwanted noise of chain slap to a minimum. It features X-Actuation for precise and dependable performance and is fully compatible with the SRAM ...


Shimano | Deore Fd-M5100 11 Speed Front Derailleur E-Type


SHIMANO DEORE FD-M5100 11-SPEED FRONT DERAILLEURSHIFTING GEARSFor the widest range of gears on your bike, you'll want to have both a front derailleur and rear derailleur. The Shimano Deore FD-M5100 11-Speed Front Derailleur is part of Shimano's new 11-speed drivetrain. It works well for trail, all-mountain, and XC riding and it is available in either a direct-mount, E-type, or band clamp style setup. Features Compatible with 11-speed drivetrains Available in direct-mount, E-type, and band ...


Shimano | Dura-Ace R9150 Rear Derailleur 11 Speed, Di2, Shadow

$499.99 28% off $696.99 msrp

Shimano Duraace RD-R9150 Di2Rear Derailleur Welcome to the next generation of roaddrivetrains. Dura-Ace R9100 is ready tochange your idea of how greata racingbicycle can perform. Electronic shifting offers some of the smoothest and most technologically advanced shifting available. The all-new redesigned Shimano Dura-Ace RD-R9150 Rear Derailleur takes advantage of Shimano's Shadow RD architecture, first introduced for mountain bikes. The low profile not onlygives it a sleek look while also ...


Sram | X.3 7 Speed Rear Derailleur | Black | 7 Speed

$19.99 16% off $24.00 msrp

SRAM X. 3 7-SPEED REAR DERAILLEURAFFORDABLE AND RELIABLEThe SRAM X. 3 7-Speed Rear Derailleur is an affordable and reliable derailleur that is great for repairs and upgrades. It is compatible with 7, 8, and 9-speed shifters and cassettes and uses a 1:1 shifter-to-derailleur actuation ratio for precise light-action indexing. At only 272g, this will be a great upgrade for your bike. Features Compatible with 7, 8, and 9-speed shifters1:1 shifter-to-derailleur actuation ratio for precise ...


Shimano | 105 Fd-R7100 Front Derailleur 31.8Mm


Shimano 105 FD-R7100 Front Derailleur Smooth and Natural Shift Action Shimano 105 drivetrains are tried and true. They are ultra-reliable, durable, lightweight, and inexpensive. The Shimano 105 FD-R7100 Front Derailleur features lighter front shifting, smooth and natural shift action, and Shimano toggle link construction with an optimized cage design that is seamlessly compatible with disc brake road bikes. It has an integrated cable tension adjustment and routing options include bare shift ...


Shimano | Deore Fd-M4100 10 Speed Front Derailleur E-Type


SHIMANO DEORE FD-M4100 10-SPEED FRONT DERAILLEURSHIFTING GEARSFor the widest range of gears on your bike, you'll want to have a front derailleur and rear derailleur. The Shimano Deore FD-M4100 10-Speed Front Derailleur is part of Shimano's new 10-speed drivetrain. It works well for trail, all-mountain, and XC riding and it is available in either a direct-mount, E-type, or band clamp style setup. Features Compatible with 10-speed drivetrains Available in direct-mount, E-type, and band clamp ...


Rockshox | Sram Rear Derailleur Apex Eagle D1 Max 52T 12 Speed Eagle D1 Max 52T (Mechanical)


SRAM Rear Derailleur Apex Eagle D1 Max 52T 12-Speed Eagle Range On Your Drop Bar Bike?Gravel riding can be rough, so you need components that won't hold you back. SRAM's Eagle line of derailleurs is ready to tackle the trails. The SRAM Apex Eagle Rear Derailleur hits the sweet spot of smooth jumps over a big gear range all with the unmatched chain security and simplicity of a 1x drivetrain. It is compatible with cassettes ...


Sram | X01 11 Speed Rear Derailleur Inner Cage/pulley Kit X01, 11 Speed

$54.94 38% off $90.00 msrp

SRAM X01 11-SPEED REAR DERAILLEUR INNER CAGE/PULLEY KITGENUINE SRAM PARTSLuckily, many of the parts on your bike can easily be replaced if something happens. Make sure that you use genuine SRAM parts with your SRAM components. The SRAM X01 11-Speed Rear Derailleur Inner Cage/Pulley Kit is designed for the X01 and X1 11-Speed X-SYNC rear derailleurs. Features Designed for the SRAM X01 and X1 11-Speed X-SYNC rear derailleurs SRAM Part Number: 11. 7518. 030. 000 ...


Rockshox | Sram Front Derailleur Force Axs Wide D2 Axs Wide D2 Braze(No Battery)


SRAM Front Derailleur Force AXS Wide D2Wireless Shifting If you're looking to upgrade your drivetrain, you should check out SRAM's wireless electronic drivetrains. The SRAM Force AXS Wide D2 Front Derailleur is optimized for use with smaller 43/30T X-Range chainrings on wide crankarms. It uses Yaw technology so there's no need for trim and the wider position on the bike also provides clearance for extra wide tires. Featurese Tap shift logic for intuitive shifting, easy ...


Shimano | Xt Di2 Fd-M8070 Front Derailleur 2X11, Needs Sm-Fd905 Mount


Shimano XT M8070 Di2 Front Derailleur Complete Control at Your Fingertips Here it is, your opportunity to get on board with most advanced Mountain Bike component system on the planet! Shimano brings Di2 technology to the masses with the XT Di2 groupset. Introduced in 2009 for elite Road Bike racers, Shimano has redesigned and adapted Di2 for Mountainbikers. Di2 allows the rider to become one with the bike. Synchro-Shift Technology allows the rider to operate ...


Shimano | Dura-Ace Fd-R9250 Di2 Front Derailleur 2X12-Speed, Braze-On, Down Swing, For 50-55T Max


Shimano Dura-Ace FD-R9250 Di2 Front Derailleur Next-generation shifting The latest and greatest Shimano road drivetrain is here and it’s fantastic. The all-new Dura-Ace R9250 front derailleur takes the already phenomenal performance of the 11-speed generation and takes it up a notch. Compared to the 11-speed generation front derailleur, the new 12-speed delivers 45% faster shifting in a significantly smaller and sleeker package for increased aero gains. It's also even lighter than the ...