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Kmc | Master Link Chain Links | Black | Single Speed


KMC Master Link Chain Links, Single Speed for 3/16" chain | Kmc | Master Link Chain Links | Black | Single Speed


Sram | Pc-Xx1 Eagle 12 Speed Chain | Black | 126 Links


SRAM PC-XX1 Eagle 12 Speed Chain Silence The key factor in the Eagle XX1 drivetrains smooth, durable, and silent performance is all the new technologies going into the PC-XX1 Eagle 12 speed chain. For starters, Flowlink removes all the hard edges and chamfers from the inner plates leaving a completely smooth radius. It now runs much quieter and reduces wear on other components it contacts such as cassettes and chainrings. The durability theme continues with ...


Kmc | X10 Chain 10-Speed, 116 Links, Silver/black

$28.80 10% off $32.00 msrp

KMC X10 Chain KMC’s X10 chain is their reliable and affordable 10-speed chain that’s designed to meet the demands of modern day road cyclists and mountain bikers alike. Its inner and outer plate chamfering makes chain operation smoother overall. Asymmetrical chamfering prevents drivetrain incompatibility, allowing for the X10 to work with any 10-speed drivetrain on the market. Double X bridge shape increases durability, ensuring the chain lasts for many miles. Features Compatible with any ...


Box Components | Box One Prime 9 Chain Dlc | Black | 9 Speed, 126 Links


BOX One Prime 9 Chain A high quality chain can make all the difference between a drivetrain running smoothly and lasting a long time or a drivetrain shifting poorly and quickly wearing out. Fortunately, BOX is on the case with their top of the line One Prime 9 chain. The One Prime 9 chain is the highest tier chain in BOX’s Prime 9 lineup and is optimized to be BOX's best performing chain. First off, ...


Kmc | X11.93 Chain 11 Speed Chain Silver/blk, 11 Speed, 118 Links

$24.98 20% off $31.50 msrp

KMC X11. 93 Chain 11 Speed Chain KMC's new 11 speed chain features optimized chamfer angles, adding stability in radical chain angles. The outer plate X-Bridge structure and chamfering also makes the chain much more adaptable, and precise in shifting performance. KMC gave their chain stretch proof treatment, and half nickel plating for increased durability. Finally, the pins have been strengthened and mushroom riveted to hold it all together with integrity. Features Compatible with ...


Acs | Crossfire Chain | Silver/black | 3/32"

$12.99 7% off $14.00 msrp

ACS Crossfire Chain The ACS Crossfire Chain offers high strength for high-torque riders, such as BMX riders or racers, or those on fixed gear or single speed race bikes. Nice features of this chain include chamfered sides for quiet action against chainrings and cogs, center-punched pins for lateral stiffness, and the included half-link connector. The 106 links allow this chain to fit most BMX, cruiser, fixed gear and other bikes. ACS Crossfire Chain Specifications: Chain ...


Trp | Evo Chain - 12 Speed Black/gold


TRP EVO Chain - 12-Speed The Evolution of Chains When you're out on the trail, you'll want a chain that won't hold you back. The TRP EVO Chain is a lightweight and durable chain designed for 12-speed mountain drivetrains. It comes in either black and gold or black and silver and comes with a quick link connector for easy chain installation and removal. Features Comes with a quick link connector for easy chain installation and ...


Sram | Powerlock T-Type Eagle | Black | Pvd 12 Spd Chain Cn Pwr.lck T-Type Eagle Blk Pvd 12S 4Pcs


SRAM Power Lock T-Type Eagle Black PVD 12-Speed Chain I Have The Powerrrr Lock If you need to take the chain off your bike for cleaning or you need to replace a bad link, a chain connector makes everything easy. The SRAM Power Lock T-Type is designed to use with T-Type chains and provides the same rugged dependability as its predecessors. It has a black oxide and nickel and PVD finish and requires no tools ...


Odyssey | Bluebird Bmx Chain | Black | 1/8


For the Bluebird Chain, Odyssey took the proven and reliable KMC 510-HX chain and added a permanently attached, factory installed half-link to one end. When the chain is trimmed to size you can easily decide whether or not to use the half-link. Original factory assembled pin joints are radically stronger than workshop assembled ones, so this is a huge benefit. Industrial grade ½" x 1 Half-link and standard Master link included | Odyssey | Bluebird ...


Shimano | Cn-Hg40 8 Speed Chain Hg40 8 Speed, 7.4Mm


Shimano Hyperglide 8-Speed Chains Item Specifications Color Black Speeds 8-Speed Chain Compatibility 6, 7, 8 Weight 350 g Width 7. 4 mm Links 116 links | Shimano | Cn-Hg40 8 Speed Chain Hg40 8 Speed, 7. 4Mm


Kmc | X12 Ti Nitride 12 Speed Chain Gold/black, 12 Speed, Ti Nitride

$63.00 10% off $70.00 msrp

KMC X12 Ti Nitride 12-Speed Chain KMC respects the chain as perhaps the most key component on a bicycle. With this in mind they continuously innovate and strive to reach higher levels of performance from their chains. The KMC X12 Ti-Nitride chain is a premium level 12-speed chain that delivers on performance, durability, reliability and happens to look good too. It has been tested and proven in the Beijing Olympics by USA cyclists in both ...


Sram | Red Axs Chain 12, 12 Speed


SRAM RED AXS CHAINA LIGHTWEIGHT CHAIN FOR 12-SPEEDS12-speed road drivetrains are finally here and with 12 gears on the rear means a new 12-speed chain. The SRAM Red AXS Chain is a narrower and lighter chain that has a unique link shape that increases the strength and provides more space between the outer plates of the chain and the cogs on either side. It features Flattop technology that enables a narrower chain with quieter operation ...


Sram | Pc-Gx Eagle 12 Speed Chain 12 Speed, 126 Links


SRAM PC-GX EAGLE 12 SPEED CHAINTHE RANGE TO REACH. TO REALIZE. A RANGE BEYOND LIMITATION. The GX Eagle chain is designed with SRAM's Eagle geometry, the GX Eagle chain features solid pin construction, Eagle Power Lock® and smooth, efficient shifting that you can count on every time out. Unique features and design also provide significantly improved wear resistance on Eagle cassettes and rings Reviews Jenson USA Journal - "Compared to the current XO1 Eagle kit ...


Kmc | X10Sl 10 Speed Chain | Gold | 10 Speed, Ti-Nitride Coating

$45.00 18% off $55.00 msrp

KMC X10SL Chain This chain is one of the lightest chains available for 10 speed drivetrains! KMC designed this chain for the ultimate in performance. The Gold version is Titanium Nitride coated for extreme corrosion resistance, and the Black/Red chain includes their Diamond Like Coating for extreme abrasion resistance and long life. . Super light construction Extremely durable 250 grams 10 speed Includes KMC Missing Link 10 for quick install 112 links Hollow pins Hollow ...