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Foundation Composite Flat Pedals Black

$30.00 25% off $40.00 msrp

Foundation Composite Platform PedalsThe Foundation Composite Platform Pedals feature a proper concave profile with 10 pins per side to provide you with plenty of traction and control. The pedal pins are easily replaceable in-case they get damaged from a rock strike as they screw in from the backside of the pedal.The Composite pedals boast a large platform that interacts with quality bearings on a chromoly spindle.*Replacement pins and nuts sold seperately:Click HereFeaturesConcave profile ...


Shimano Saint PD-M820 SPD Bike Pedals Black


SHIMANO SAINT PD-M820 SPD PEDALSRiding clipped in provides extra security and control. Your foot is always in the optimum pedaling position and will never slip off. The Shimano Saint PD-M820 SPD Pedals are a perfect addition to any enduro, all-mountain, or downhill bike. It is a dual sided pedal that is SPD compatible and four height adjustable pins. It features a mud-shedding design so you can always clip in.FeaturesFour height adjustable pinsDual sided and SPD ...


Look Keo 2 Max Road Bike Pedals Black, Carbon

$100.00 13% off $115.00 msrp

Look Keo 2 Max Road PedalThe Look team has completely remodeled the shape of the Keo 2 Max to give it a new, slimmed down line with a wider contact surface, increasing its style and efficiency. The width of the Look Keo 2 Max Road Pedal has been increased to 60mm to provide a larger platform for improved foot stability during pedaling. The 500 mm² of usable surface gives way for optimized power transfer, providing ...


Look KEO Blade Carbon Pedals Black


LOOK KEO BLADE CARBON PEDALSTHE SHARPEST PEDALThe type of pedals you use on your bike will have a significant impact on your pedaling performance and power. Carbon pedals are stiffer and lighter than aluminum and chromoly pedals, delivering more power to the rear wheel and providing a better ride quality for riders looking for higher performance. The Look Keo Blade Carbon Pedals boast both a carbon body and a carbon blade for exceptional performance. The ...


Look X-Track Race Carbon Bike Pedals Black


LOOK X-TRACK RACE CARBON BIKE PEDALSThe Look X-Track Race Carbon pedals are dependable, durable and easy to use. They’re extremely durable and provide consistent and reliable performance over time. The spindle is equipped with a double weather-resistant seal and has been improved to withstand even the worst of riding conditions. With the best power-to-weight ratio in its class, the Look X-Track Race Carbon provides you with the most efficient power transfer. It does so by ...


Crank Brothers Stamp 2 Large Bike Pedals Black, Large

$71.99 10% off $79.99 msrp

Crankbrothers Stamp 2 Large PedalsWith 10 adjustable pins on each side, the Stamp 2 is an excellent flat pedal for a wide range of riders. The platform is identical to the more expensive Stamp 3’s, but they’re made using a more affordable die-cast process. With a narrow platform that sheds mud terrifically, and super-smooth sealed bearings, the Stamp 2 is reliable and performs well in a variety of conditions.FeaturesPremium bearings use seal systemGreat mud shedding ...


Crank Brothers Candy 1 Bike Pedals Black

$41.95 30% off $59.99 msrp

Crankbrothers Candy 1 PedalsThe Candy 1 features a one-piece composite body for added support. The unique clipless design allows you four sided entry making it easy to quickly clip in and out in any condition. The open wing design sheds mud easily and is very durable. Weighing in a mere 294g per pair makes the Candy 1 perfect for XC and Cyclocross.FeaturesLightweight composite bodyStamped steel wingsSnap-on traction pad technology to customize and optimize the shoe/pedal ...


Crankbrothers Doubleshot Bike Pedals Orange / Black / Orange Spring

$81.00 9% off $89.99 msrp

Crankbrothers Doubleshot Pedals The good folks over at Crankbrothers have been busy. Their all new Double Shot pedals are causing some double-takes and represent the first ever hybrid pedal for their product line. Flat on one side. Clipless on the other. Great for an entry level rider or commuter who is not yet committed to clipless pedals or for the fatbike rider who sometimes has on bulky, non-clipless compatible boots. These pedals maintain Crankbothers legendary ...


Deity Black Kat Flat Pedals Purple


Deity Black Kat Pedals The Deity decoy pedal has been replaced by the Black Kat and are now lighter, thinner and feature a larger platform. They're composed from 6061 extruded aluminum and have a concave pedal body for improved grip. They have a fully serviceable design similar to the Decoy and Compound pedals. Features 6061 T6 Extruded Aluminum 100mm x 100mm platform | Deity Black Kat Flat Pedals Purple


Crank Brothers Stamp 3 Small Flat Pedals Black, Small

$89.99 10% off $99.99 msrp

Crankbrothers Stamp 3 Small PedalsWith 10 adjustable pins on each side, the Stamp 3 is a great pedal for all kinds of terrain. The platform is made of durable forged 6061 T6 Aluminum. With a narrow platform that sheds mud terrifically, and super-smooth sealed bearings, the Stamp 3 is reliable and performs well in a variety of conditions.FeaturesPremium bearings use seal systemGreat mud shedding makes sure your grip is sound10 adjustable pins for customizable gripWeight ...


Ht Components Me03T Magnesium Flat Pedals Black Magnesium


HT Components ME03T Magnesium PedalsHT has designed their line of high end pedals in response to the market looking for an alternative. The HT Components ME03T Magnesium Pedals are insanely light pedals that offer great traction and a spacious surface area with a crazy thin profile. At an eye-watering 218g for per set, these are some of the lightest platform pedals on the market! They aren't just for weight weenies. With HT you're getting quality, ...


Crank Brothers Stamp 11 Flat Pedals Black / Gold, Large


Crank Brothers Stamp 11 PedalsThe Stamp 11 are a size specific, premium concave platform pedal that provides the optimal shoe/pedal interface. They feature a Titanium spindle for weight reduction and premium bearings and seals for added durability. A concave platform and 10 adjustable pins per side provide the ultimate in grip.FeaturesTitanium spindle for weight reductionOptimal surface areaMinimal profile 11mm-13mm thinConcave platform for secure foothold10 adjustable pins per side for ...


Time Atac XC 8 Carbon Pedals Black


The Time Atac XC 8 Carbon pedals combine an ultra light weight design, excellent dirt and mud shedding, and easy evacuation. The steel shaft creates a strong pedal that won’t flex upon stress, yet the composite body keeps weight to a minimal, without breaking the bank. The XC 8 Carbon pedals have 5 degrees of angular freedom as well as 6mm of lateral movement. This amount of movement helps to keep knees comfortable, especially during ...


Specialized Bennies Flat Pedals Black


Specialized Bennies Platform PedalsThey can handle the worst and still last foreverWhen shopping for new flat pedals, three key features you should look for are replaceable pins, sealed bearings, and platform concavity. The Specialized Bennies have all three of these features. Twelve replaceable pins on both sides of the pedal provide incredible grip, sealed bearings offer amazing longevity and durability, and platform concavity gives your foot a proper shoe-pedal interface. The pedal body ...


Time XC 6 pedals Black


TIME XC 6 PEDALSFOR GRAVEL, CYCLOCROSS, AND XCThe type of pedals you use on your bike has a significant impact on your pedaling power and performance. Clipping into your pedals enhances your power and lets riders push and pull on their pedals. The Time XC 6 Pedals are designed for XC mountain biking, cyclocross, and gravel riding. It is made with a hollow steel axle and a composite body that makes it lightweight and durable ...


Time Atac Link Bike Pedals Black


TIME ATAC LINK PEDALSClipping in while you ride increases pedaling efficiency significantly. When you're clipped in, you also don't have to worry about slipping off your pedals since your foot will always be in the optimal pedaling position. The Time ATAC Link pedals are designed for commuters and urban cyclists looking to optimize their pedaling and go faster. With a flat platform on one side and Time's ATAC system on the other side, this pedal ...


Oneup Components Composite Flat Pedals Black


Oneup Components Composite Flat PedalsClass leading weight, size and grip.At less than half the price of the OneUp Aluminum pedals, these composite versions still deliver the same confidence inspiring platform. They have been designed from stealth rubber down and given a very subtle convex profile giving you more grip as it allows the pedal to sit in the natural arch of your midfoot. This shape also creates a razor thin leading edge and the best ...


Spank Oozy Trail Platform Pedals Black


Spank Oozy Trail Pedals As the predecessor of the legendary Spike Pedals, the Oozy Trail Pedals have taken everything we have come to know and love about its older brother, and adapted them for a truly pioneering Trail and Enduro pedal design. Utilizing newly optimized forged tooling and weight-reducing CNC machining, and placing lighter traction pins, the Oozy Trail Pedal shave nearly 15% of the weight of the Spike. The Oozy uses a cold forged ...


Look X-Track Rage MTB Pedals Black, Carbon


LOOK X-TRACK RAGE MTB PEDALSClipping in while you're riding is highly beneficial. Your foot is always in the optimum pedaling position and it greatly increases your pedaling power and efficiency. The Look X-Track Rage MTB Pedals are high-quality mountain bike pedals designed for trail riding. They feature an aluminum body with a chromoly spindle and a large surface area. The X-Track Rage are SPD compatible and are perfect for any rider looking to achieve higher ...


Shimano PD-R550 SPD-SL Bike Pedals Black


Shimano R550 SPD-SL Road Pedals Based on designs proven in Pro Tour racing, the Shimano R550 SPD-SL Road pedal is poised to deliver on your next ride. This lightweight composite pedal is styled after its Dura-Ace / Ultegra big brothers and features an extra-wide platform, wide bearing placement, quick-entry binding, and a low-profile design for maxium power transfer to the pedals. 9/16" spindle diameter Sold as a Pair Weight: 310g per pair Lightweight composite body ...


Crank Brothers Eggbeater 1 Bike Pedals Black

$54.00 9% off $59.99 msrp

Crank Brothers Egg Beater 1 Pedals Legendary simplicity and mud shedding capabilities are found on the Egg Beater SPECIFICATIONS Spindle: Forged scm435 chromoly steel Body: Stamped steel Wings: Stamped steel Spring: 300 series stainless steel Inner bearing: Bushing Outer bearing: Cartridge Cleat: Premium brass race cleat Shims: Included Release angle: 15 to 20 Warranty: 2 years Weight 256 grams per pair | Crank Brothers Eggbeater 1 Bike Pedals Black


Crank Brothers Double Shot 1 LE Pedals White, Black Spring


Crank Brothers Double Shot 1 LE PedalsThe Crank Brothers Double Shot 1 LE Pedals allow you to choose to ride flats or get clipped in for city commutes and casual rides around town. They’re hybrid half flat/half clip-in pedals that are versatile and can be ridden on any occasion. The molded pins and ribs offer great grip while the diamond plate pads offer great traction. The 2-sided entry allows for superior mud-shedding, so no need ...


Crank Brothers Candy 7 Pedals Electric Blue / Black

$135.20 20% off $169.00 msrp

Crank Brothers Candy 7 Hangtag Pedals Competition-Oriented. Crank Brothers Candy is one of our favorite pedals. With its four-sided entry, the Candy is easy to use. The traction pad is integrated and has customizable interface. Chamfered edges reduce the changes of rock-strikes. For the Candy 7, Crank Brothers used premium bearings and a double seal system. Weighing in at 320 grams, the Candy 7 pedals are ready to take you to the line first. Features: ...


Kona Wah Wah 2 Alloy Flat Pedals Black


KONA WAH WAH 2 ALLOY PEDALSClipping in while you're riding isn't always the best option when you're mountain biking. When you're doing more aggressive downhill, having the ability to quickly put your foot down can be beneficial. The Kona Wah Wah 2 Alloy Pedals are flat pedals that feature forged CNC alloy, sealed bearings, and DU bushings. They have 16 replaceable pins and have 100% serviceable bearings. These pedals will keep your feet planted whether ...


Shimano 105 PD-R7000 SPD-SL Bike Pedals Black with SM-SH11 Cleats, Carbon


SHIMANO 105 PD-R7000 SPD-SL PEDALSCompliment the performance of your Shimano drivetrain by tying it together with the stellar performance of the 105 R7000 Pedal. The R7000 pedal delivers pro level performance for the cycling enthusiast. The extra-wide carbon reinforced platform provides more efficient power transfer, optimally converting your efforts to forward momentum. A wide bearing stance provides long lasting performance, and a buttery smooth action. At only 265g, the R7000 will not ...


Look Trail ROC Flat Pedals Black


LOOK Trail Roc PedalsIf you’ve been looking for a pair of quality platform pedals that are bombproof but won’t break the bank, then you have found your match. The LOOK Trail Roc Pedals are super durable downhill pedals that feature a machined aluminum alloy body, a chromoly steel spindle and replaceable steel pins. The open design prevents mud buildup and the thin profile means less rock strikes. For only 430 grams for the pair, the ...


$71.99 20% off $90.00 msrp


Xpedo Spry Platform Pedals Black

$71.99 20% off $90.00 msrp

Xpedo Spry Pedals Weighing in at a meager 260 grams per set, the Xpedo Spry pedal is a super sleek low-profile pedal that keeps things grippy on the gnarliest of terrain. The magnesium cast body measures only 11mm thick and allows plenty of clearance for trail obstacles. The large platform area is studded with 14 replaceable pins that provide superior grip performance, maximizing pedaling performance and inspiring confidence. Independent Review: The Xpedo Spry pedal is ...


HT Components Ae03 Flat Pedals BLACK


HT Components Ae03 Bike PedalsHT has designed their line of high end pedals in response to the market looking for an alternative. The HT Components AE03 Pedals are light pedals that offer great traction and a spacious surface area with a crazy thin profile. They aren't just for weight weenies. With HT you're getting quality, with CNC-machining throughout and the highest quality hardware, these pedals are far beyond what you could imagine pedals could ever ...


Crank Brothers Stamp 7 Small Bike Pedals Black Small

$135.00 10% off $150.00 msrp

Crank Brothers Stamp (Small) PedalsIf the pedal fits, wear it. Crank Brothers is offering a pro-level, concaved platform pedal that is size specific. Choose between the large or small based on your shoe size. This will provide for the most optimal shoe to pedal interface possible. Combined with a stout yet lightweight aluminum body, quality bearings, and a solid chromoly spindle, these pedals will have you dancing at the dirt ball with confidence.FeaturesDimensions = 101mm ...


Crank Brothers Stamp 3 V2 Flat Pedals Black, Small


Crank Brothers Stamp 3 V2 PedalsCrankbrothers is known as one of the top pedal manufactures in the biking industry and produces quality clipless and platform pedals. The Crank Brothers Stamp 3 V2 Pedals are popular platform pedals that feature 10 replaceable pins per side and a lightweight magnesium alloy body. A forged chromoly steel spindle provides downhill-rated strength and durability and premium double cartridge and IGUS bearings stay working smoothly. The Stamp 3 pedals come ...


Crankbrothers Candy 7 TI Pedal Black/Gold, Titanium Wings


Crankbrothers Candy 7 TI PedalIf you are looking for a quality set of lightweight clipless pedals, the Crankbrothers Candy 7 Titanium Pedal is your answer. The Candy 7 Ti Pedal features a 6061 T6 aluminum alloy body, forged chromoly steel spindle and titanium wings for an optimal blend of durability and a lightweight build. Adjustable release angles allow you to customize your release to 15 or 20 degrees. Crankbrothers also threw in their premium brass ...


Specialized Boomslang Flat Pedals Black, Boomslang Platform Pedal


Specialized Boomslang Platform PedalsPedals that stick to your shoesThe pedal market has become incredibly competitive with hundreds of companies producing high quality pedals. In the world of flat pedals, pedals have become longer, wider, and more concave. The Specialized Boomslang pedals have all these features and several others that help them stand out from the pack. What makes the Boomslangs unique are their custom undercut pins that taper down from the top which provides unrivaled ...