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100% | Speedcraft Xs Sunglasses Men's In Soft Tact Black/smoke Lens | Rubber

$82.50 50% off $165.00 msrp

100% Speedcraft XS Sunglasses Speed for smaller faces Everything you love about the classic Speedcraft glasses (minus the lens scoops), in a design made for small faces, perfect for smaller adult riders and young shredders in need of high-performance eyewear. The Speedcraft XS makes no sacrifices and provides the same quality optics, durability and styling as the original Speedcraft. The scratch-resistant cylindrical shield lens provides a wide field of vision, and features a Hydroilo lens ...


Tifosi | Sledge Sunglasses Men's In Matte Black/smoke/ac Red/clear


Tifosi Sledge Sunglasses Ride in style and maximum performance with the Tifosi Sledge Sunglasses. Their oversized styling provides maximum coverage and an ergonomic face-fit, which suits the fast pace riding involved in racing at the highest levels. Featuring three vented lens options and adjustable temples, Sledge caters to comfort and drives performance. The Tifosi Sledge Sunglasses are perfect for those looking for sunglasses that can match their level of performance when they're pushing ...


Tifosi | Aethon Sunglasses Men's In Matte Black/smoke/red/clear | Rubber


TIFOSI AETHON SUNGLASSESFULL COVERAGE PROTECTIONNothing is worse than getting up to speed on your bike and then having something fly in your eye. Wearing glasses doesn't just keep the pesky sun out of your eyes, it also helps to prevent things like bugs, debris, and dirt from getting in your eyes too. The Tifosi Aethon Sunglasses provide full coverage protection with a cutting edge sport design that is perfect for those in need of performance ...


100% | Speedcraft Sunglasses Men's In Soft Tact Black/hiper Red Mirror | Rubber

$92.50 50% off $185.00 msrp

100% Speedcraft Sunglasses Feast your eyes on some of the most advanced sunglasses on the market. The 100% Speedcraft Glasses are lightweight performance riding glasses that come in an array of colors and lens options. These glasses feature a durable TR90 frame to keep the weight to a minimum and the lens is made prom durable polycarbonate. The Speedcraft is also available with Hi PER lenses, for the ultimate in optical clarity and every lens ...


Tifosi | Tsali Interchangeable Sunglasses Men's In Matte Black Fototec | Rubber


TIFOSI TSALI INTERCHANGEABLE SUNGLASSESShatterproof Protection The benefits of wearing sunglasses while you're riding are numerous. Not only do they provide sun protection, but they also provide protection from water, debris, bugs, wind, and other objects that could fly into your eyes. The Tifosi Tsali Interchangeable Sunglasses come with three interchangeable polycarbonate lenses which are shatterproof and provide 100% UV protection. The glasses have a Grilamid TR-90 frame that is ...


100% | Speedcoupe Sunglasses Men's In Polished Black/grey Peakpolar Lens | Rubber


100% Speedcoupe Sunglasses Versatile speed Borrowing the rubberized temple tips from the original 100% Speedcraft frame, the Speedcoupe is 100%'s versatile, smaller-profile sunglass offering, ideal for cycling and multisport use. The decentered 8-base spherical lens provides the superior optical clarity that you have come to expect from 100%, while being highly impact-resistant and offering a Hydroilo lens treatment to shed water, dirt and oil. The lightweight and robust TR90 polycarbonate ...


Oakley | Flak 2.0 Xl Sunglasses Men's In White


Oakley Flak 2. 0 XL Sunglasses Enhanced Lens Coverage When you're out riding the trails or riding on the pavement, you'll want to protect your eyes. Not only do sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays, they also protect your eyes from debris, water, wind, bugs, and so much more. Oakley engineering takes performance to the next level and brings style along for the ride with the Oakley Flak 2. 0 XL Sunglasses, which offer ...