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Muc-Off | Tubeless Valves V2 | Black | 60Mm


Muc-Off Tubeless Valves Adding Some Style When you're setting up a tubeless system, you'll need several things. You'll want tubeless tape, sealant, and tubeless valves. The Muc-Off Tubeless Valves are designed to work with your tubeless rims and tires. They are premium tubeless valves that solve the hassle of finding your tire flat every time you go to ride. Features Material: upgraded 7075-T6 aluminum alloy Available in multiple colors and lengths Comes with three different ...


Reserve Wheels | Fillmore Tubeless Valves 50Mm


Reserve Wheels Fillmore Tubeless Valves Out with old, in with the new Your new favorite tubeless valves are here. The Reserve Wheels Fillmore Tubeless Valves are a new take on tubeless Presta valves that makes inflating your tubeless tires incredibly easy. The secret behind the Filmore Valves is their high-volume design, which allows for three-times the amount of airflow compared to a Presta valve and makes seating your tubeless tires a breeze. Utilization of a ...


Stan's No Tubes | Alloy Tubeless Valves | Green | 44Mm, Pair, Alloy


STAN'S NOTUBES ALLOY TUBELESS VALVESTHERE ARE NO TUBES IN MEGoing tubeless on your mountain bike or gravel bike is one of the least expensive and best upgrades you can do for your bike. There are numerous benefits such as smoother riding, fewer flats, and enhanced traction. If you have tubeless-ready rims and tires, all you need is tubeless tape, sealant, and valves. The Stan's No Tubes Alloy Tubeless Valves are ultra-lightweight and are half the ...


Whisky Parts Co. | No.9 Alloy Tubeless Valves 40Mm | Red | Pair


WHISKY NO. 9 ALLOY TUBELESS VALVESFILLING YOUR RIMS WITH WHISKYWhen you decide to upgrade your tubeless-ready rims to tubeless, you'll need a few items to make the transition. One of those items is a set of tubeless valves. The Whisky No. 9 Alloy Tubeless Valves is designed for Whisky Tubeless rims and most other systems. They fit up to 8mm valve holes and have removable Presta valve cores. They are sold as a pair so ...


Lezyne | Cnc Tubeless Valves | Black | 80Mm


Lezyne CNC Tubeless Valves Sleek valves with a trick or two Lezyne’s CNC Tubeless Valves are more than your standard set of tubeless valves, they’ve got a few tricks up their sleeve (or rather valve). They feature a lightweight and durable CNC-machined aluminum construction, ensuring they’ll be able to handle the occasional rock strike or branch whack. Machined grooves along the valve cap make for removal and tightening, perfect for cold or wet days out ...


Foundation | Airblast Tubeless Floor Pump Alloy Barrel, Twin Valve, 260 Psi


Foundation Airblast Tubeless Floor Pump The Foundation Airblast Tubeless Floor Pump features a reliable steel handle that's shaped ergonomically for easy gripping. The 6063 Aluminum barrel is fitted with a 2. 5" top mounted gauge that's precise and easy to read. A steel standing pad is fitted to the base to assure stability and offer easy cadence while pumping. The GCT-TU pump head uses a switchblade lever to clamp on to valves, and the fill ...