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Pnw Components | Range Handlebar Gen 3 31.8 30Mm Really Red | Aluminum

$55.00 20% off $69.00 msrp

PNW Range 31 8 Handlebar Gen 3This bar has got your back Now in its third iteration, the PNW continues its legacy without forgetting what made the Range bar so popular. With its continued focus on ergonomics and comfort, the Range handlebar offers a 10-degree back sweep and 5-degree upsweep. This combination puts your arms and shoulders in a far more relaxed position. A more relaxed position coupled with the 30mm bar rise ensures you ...


Pnw Components | Range Handlebar Gen 3 35Mm | Really Red | 800Mm Width, 35Mm Bore, 30Mm Rise | Aluminum

$59.00 20% off $74.00 msrp

PNW Range Handlebar Gen 3 35mm Shred Comfortably The third generation of the ever-popular PNW Range Handlebar is still focused on ergonomics, in a newly-updated package. The new Gen 3 Range comes in an 800mm width for extra stability and capability, while actually saving nearly 25 grams over the previous generation. This wide handlebar still features the 10-degree back sweep, 5-degree upsweep, and 30mm rise that the original Range is known for, making it ideal ...


Spank | Oozy 780 Vibrocore Handlebar | Black/grey | 15Mm Rise, 31.8Mm Clamp | Aluminum


Spank Oozy 780 Vibrocore Handlebar Spank’s outstanding new Vibrocore technology has reshaped the way bars feel and perform on the trail. And with their new OOZY 780 bar, you also get dialed geometry that’ll boost your performance. Boasting Super 6 alloy construction and Dual XGT tapers, the OOZY 780 is exceptionally durable without tipping the scales. SPANK's patented CNC bending process ensures that every OOZY 780 bar is precision tuned to the optimum trail geometry, ...


Spank | Spike 35 Vibrocore Handlebar | Black | 40Mm


SPANK SPIKE 35 VIBROCORE HANDLEBARBelieve it or not, not all handlebars are created equally. Having the right handlebars on your mountain bike can greatly increase your riding comfort and the control you have over your bike. Spank has been changing the game with their new Vibrocore technology. Vibrocore is a foam core that is injected into Spank handlebars that helps reduce harmful vibrations which can lead to hand and arm numbness while you're riding. Not ...