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SRAM G2 Ultimate Disc Brake Black, Front, 950mm Hose, A1


SRAM G2 Ultimate Disc BrakeBuilt off the renowned SRAM Code brake, the new G2 Ultimate was created with nothing held back. Created from titanium and carbon fiber, the G2 Ultimate is SRAM's lightest 4-piston brake ever. Power, modulation and lever feel set a new standard. Personalization is quick and intuitive.The G2 Ultimate features more caliper stiffness and a new pad compound with bite, pivot bearings that provide a crisp lever feel and a fatique-free ride, ...


TRP Spyre SLC Post-Mount Mechanical Brake Gray, 74mm Post Mount, Front or Rear


TRP SPYRE SLC POST-MOUNT MECHANICAL BRAKEGREAT STOPPING POWERIf you're riding offroad, then you're going to want a good set of disc brakes. The TRP Spyre SLC Post-Mount Mechanical Brake utilizes a two-piston movement for evenly applied rotor contact, resulting in optimum braking power and modulation. The SLC version includes an upgraded carbon actuation arm for enhanced rigidity and weight savings. The ramped ball bearings offer smooth pad engagement and precise modulation. It works with ...


Avid BB7 Road SL Disc Brake Gray, Front or Rear, No Disc or Adaptor

$99.99 16% off $120.00 msrp

Avid BB7 Road SL Disc Brake The Avid BB7 SL is the most advanced mechanical disc brake Avid has ever produced. Shaving grams from traditional road disc brake calipers brings your bike closer to race-ready weight. The Avid BB7 SL is perfect for disc brake cyclocross bikes. The Avid BB7 disc brakes are perfect for muddy and wet conditions. Mechanical disc brakes are simple and straight forward. They are cable-actuated, which means the setup and ...