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Sram | Pg-1170 11 Speed Cassette 11-28T, 11 Speed

$96.99 11% off $109.00 msrp

SRAM Pg-1170 11 Speed Cassette The SRAM Power Glide 1170 cassette was a high quality 11 speed cassette provides smooth, quiet shifting. The semi- splined design is light, strong, and efficient. Specifications Weight231g (11-25T)Material Heat Treated Steel Cog Cluster Gear Ratios11-25: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 11-26: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 21, 23, 26, 11-28: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 22, 25, ...


Shimano | Cs-Hg800 11-Speed Cassette 11-34T

$82.99 15% off $97.99 msrp

Shimano CS-HG800 11-SPEED Cassette Now with more gear options, the Shimano CS-HG800 11-SPEED Cassette is set to provide you with a wider array of options for your preferred type of riding. It utilizes nickel-plated steel cogs for corrosion resistance and provides the same high performance you look for in the Dura Ace series but at a slight weight penalty. Features High-performance gear combinations provide superior rider choice With hub body for MTB to fit a ...


Shimano | 105 Cs-R7000 Cassette 11-28T

$50.99 10% off $56.99 msrp

Shimano 105 CS-R7000 Cassette Shimano has redesigned the 105 line of components to keep it up to date with the ever-evolving industry standards. The R7000 utilizes trickled down technology from Shimano’s top-tier groupsets, taking upon only the best of features to provide you with a budget-friendly yet race worthy drivetrain you can trust even under the most demanding conditions. The Shimano 105 CS-R7000 Cassette features an increased range of high-performance gearing combinations and has ...


Shimano | Slx Cs-M7000 Cassette 11-46T, 11 Speed


Shimano CS-M7000 SLX Cassette The new CS-M7000-11 11-speed HYPERGLIDE cassette utilizes lighter aluminium spider construction, aluminium and steel cogs and is now available inthree wide range gearoptions: 11-40t, 11-42t, and all new 11-46t. It is lightweight, rigid and designed to deliver the precise, responsive shifting performance and worry-free dependability that off-road riders demand. Shimano CS-M7000 SLX Cassette Features Four largest sprockets are mounted on a lightweight alloy ...


Shimano | 105 Cs-R7100 12 Speed Cassette 11-34 Tooth


Shimano CS-R7100 12-Speed Cassette Brings Versatility To Any Rider or Road The cassette is an important part of any bike. With the right cassette on your bike, you'll be able to climb easier, sprint easier, and ride farther. The Shimano CS-R7100 12-Speed Cassette has a refined 12-step gear combination that provides peak efficiency and accelerating performance for every situation. It is compatible with the new 12-speed and road 11-speed freehub body. Features Compatible with HG ...


Shimano | Xtr Cs-M9001 Cassette M9001 11 Sp, 11-40T, For 1X, 2X Or 3X


Shimano XTR CS-M9001 Cassette Focus and determination defines you. You are streamlined and efficient. You embrace the most difficult challenges and refuse to give up. You never make excuses, you never stop trying. You conquer mountains from the bottom up, never satisfied with only the descent. You crush the whole loop, every pedal stroke a relentless assault on gravity, your competitors and your personal records. You are XTR and XTR is you. Seriously fast. Confident. ...


Shimano | 105 Cs-5700 10 Speed Cassette 11-25T


Shimano 105 CS-5700 10-Speed Cassette Long-lasting performance The Shimano 105 series of road components is well-known for its durability, performance, and trickle-down technology from Shimano’s top-end road components. The 105 CS-5700 10-Speed Cassette is a durable, smooth-shifting cassette at the heart of Shimano’s 10-speed road drivetrains. The cassette’s cogs feature a durable steel construction, with machined holes for weight savings without compromising longevity, and a lightweight ...


Sram | Pg-950 9 Speed Cassette 11-26T, 9 Speed


SRAM PG-950 9-Speed Cassette Upgrade Your 9-Speed Ride The cassette on your bike is super important. When it starts to wear out, you'll want to get a replacement to keep your bike shifting perfectly. The SRAM Power Glide II PG-950 9-speed cassette is designed for 9-speed drivetrains and chains. It fits both SRAM and Shimano Hyperglide freehub bodies. Features Designed to fit SRAM/Shimano-compatible freehub bodies Provides highly-reliable shifting performance so you can ride with confidence ...


Sram | Red Axs Xg-1290 Xdr Cassette Silver, 10-26T, Xdr Freehub Body Only


SRAM RED XG-1290 CASSETTE12-SPEED ROAD IS HEREMany riders remember the days when 5-speed freewheels were the most common gearing on a road bike. Gearing started to evolve further with more gears being added every few years. We have finally reached the era of 12-speed cassettes on road bikes. The SRAM Red XG-1290 Cassette is designed for wireless electronic shifting and features a one-piece design that offers the best weight savings. The updated design of the ...


Shimano | Dura-Ace Cs-R9100 Cassette 11-25T


Shimano Dura-Ace 9100 11-Speed Cassette Dura-Ace 9100 represents the pinnacle of Shimano road componentry. The new lightweight titanium Shimano Dura-Ace 9100 11-Speed cassette delivers the same kind of flawless, pro-caliber performance associated with the Dura-Ace name. Available in various gear ratios including the new 11-30t version. If you can't settle for anything but the best, look no further than Dura-Ace. Smooth, positive shifting guaranteed. Features Rider tuned gearing Wider gear ...


Rockshox | Sram Cassette Pg-1231 Xplr 12 Speed Am Cs Pg 1231 D1 Xplr 11-44


SRAM Cassette PG-1231 XPLR 12-Speed Maximum Range, Minimum Fuss Cassettes can quickly change how easy it is to climb steep hills. With a wider range on your cassette, even the most difficult terrain will feel like a breeze. The SRAM Cassette PG-1231 XPLR 12-Speed provides 2x the range in a 1x package and fits on a traditional 11-speed driver body for broad integration. The smooth cog progression keeps jumps between cogs tightest when it’s time ...


Shimano | Dura-Ace Cs-R9200 Cassette 12-Speed, 11-34T, Gray


Shimano Dura-Ace CS-R9200 Cassette The Pro-level cassette The all-new Shimano Dura-Ace R9200 cassette simply put is the highest level cassette option for your 12-speed Shimano equipped road bike. It features Hyperglide+ tech straight from Shimano’s 12-speed mountain drivetrains to deliver the absolute best shifting, even while under load, allowing you to focus on the ride and not on your drivetrain. The refined 12-speed gear combination offers plenty of range and small gear jumps, a ...


Sram | Pg-1030 10 Speed Cassette | Chrome | 11-26T, 10 Speed


SRAM PG-1030 10-Speed Cassette Shifting Gears The cassette you use on your bike will directly affect your ability to climb and sprint. With the right cassette, you'll be able to conquer any ride. The SRAM PG-1030 10-Speed Cassette is made with Power Glide II technology that provides a super-smooth shifting between gears. It has a durable nickel-chrome finish and is perfect for road, mountain, gravel, and any type of riding you want to do. Power ...


Sram | Pg-970 9 Speed Cassette 12-26T, 9 Speed

$66.00 5% off $70.00 msrp

SRAM Pg-970 9 Speed Cassette Reliable, smooth-shifting cassette from SRAM at a great price. Fits Shimano and Shimano-compatible 9 speed cassette bodies. Can be used for either a MTB or Road 9-spd drivetrain. Features Weight: 214g (12-23)Compatibility: 9 Speed Shimano/SRAMAvailable gear ranges: 11-21T, 9 Speed 11-23T, 9 Speed 12-23T, 9 Speed 12-26T, 9 Speed | Sram | Pg-970 9 Speed Cassette 12-26T, 9 Speed