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Skf | Rockshox Seal Kit Green, 32, 2008 + | Rubber


SKF Rockshox Seal Kit Something as tiny as a little rubber seal can have a large and measurable effect on the ride quality and durability of a suspension component. SKF has developed a wide range of seals with this in mind. They integrate a dust sealing lip to prevent dirt and water from contaminating suspension fluid with an oil sealing lip to prevent oil from escaping the fork. Together you get a fork that will ...


Rockshox | 35Mm Skf Dust Seal Kit Pike/ Lyrik B1/ Yari/ Boxxer 35Mm Kit


Rock Shox Pike 35mm Dust Seal Kit Dust Seal Kit for 2014 Rock Shox Pike forks with 35mm sanctions. Kit includes 35mm Dust Seals / 6mm Foam Rings, enough to completely service one fork. Also reverse compatible with all 35mm stanchion Boxxer forks. Manufacture Part Number: 11. 4018. 028. 002 Reverse compatible with all 35mm stanchion Boxxer forks. (This one piece seal and foam ring eliminates the two-piece dust wiper and pressure seal system) | ...


Rockshox | 32Mm Dust Seal Kit Pike, Reba'05-'08, Rev'09, Recon'06-'09, Boxer 32Mm


Rock Shox 32mm Dust Seal Kit Seal Out The Dust Need to replace the seals on your Rock Shox fork? Don’t use off-brand seals. Maximize performance by using factory seals. The Rock Shox 32mm Dust Seal Kit is designed to work with 32mm stanchion forks. Make sure to pick the seal kit that works with your specific fork model. Features Kit includes: Dust wipers Designed for: 32mm Rock Shox fork models | Rockshox | 32Mm ...


Rockshox | Dust Seal / Foam Ring Kit | Black | Flangeless 32Mmx41Mm Seal

$11.94 20% off $15.00 msrp

rockshox dust seal / foam ring kit Time to service your Rock Shox fork? Here are the replacement dust seals and foam rings for Rock Shox forks with 30mm or 32mm stanchions. Choose the stanchion diameter you need from the dropdown above. Features Includes dust seal and foam rings Fits Rock Shox forks with 30mm or 32mm stanchions (XC30, XC30 Gold, TK30)Manufacture part number: 11. 4018. 028. 006 (30mm) | Rockshox | Dust Seal / ...