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Shimano | XT SM-RT86 6 Bolt Ice-Tech Rotor 1 6 Bolt Style, 180mm

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Shimano XT SM-RT86 6 Bolt Ice-Tech RotorWith riding styles growing more aggressive and varied, a better brake rotor was needed. Shimano responded to the needs of riders to deliver best-in-class braking power, better system cooling and the best brake feel. Enter the Ice-Tech Rotor. The Shimano XT RT86 rotor is infused with proven Ice-Tech braking technology, trickled down from the top-end XTR group. Ice-Tech is a technology that blends the durability of a stopping power ...


Shimano | XT RT-MT800 Rotor 203mm, Centerlock


Shimano XT RT-MT800 RotorThe new generation of XTShimano’s Freeza rotor technology is now available at the XT level. The rotors feature a layer of aluminum that is sandwiched between two pieces of stainless steel. The aluminum layer extends below the braking track to improve the cooling of the rotor. The only major difference between the new XT and new XTR rotor is the special heat-dissipating paint on the XTR rotor. FeaturesShimano Centerlock DesignSteel-Alu-Steel ConstructionIce ...


Shimano | XT SM-RT76 6 Bolt Rotor 6 Bolt, 160mm


Shimano SM-RT76 Deore XT 6 Bolt Rotor The Shimano SM-RT76 Deore XT brings 2-piece rotor construction to the masses with an innovative design trickled down from XTR. The two-piece rotor is lighter, stays cooler, and resists warping better than previous versions. The SM-RT76's aluminum spider saves weight, dissipates heat like a champ, and increases overall stiffness while the steel construction rotor resists wear for the long haul. A cooler rotor means better braking performance and ...


Shimano | RT66 6-Bolt Disc Brake Rotor 203mm, RT66L


Shimano SLX RT66 6-BOLT RotorThe Shimano SLX RT66 6-BOLT Rotor features a lightweight and sleek design that is super reliable. Shimano SLX RT66 6-BOLT Rotor SpecificationsHub/Disc Compatibility: 6-Bolt DiscPad Compatibility: All Pad CompoundsRotor Size (mm): 203mm, 160mm, 180mmRotor Type: One PieceIncludes rotor fixing bolts and non-turn washers | Shimano | RT66 6-Bolt Disc Brake Rotor 203mm, RT66L


Shimano | RT-MT900 Centerlock Disc Rotor 140mm


SHIMANO RT-MT900 CENTERLOCK DISC ROTORThe Shimano MT900 XTR Centerlock rotor is the pinnacle of Shimano's ICE Technology development. First featured in Pro Downhill mountain bike racing, the line has been expanded to include all sizes of rotors so other disciplines can also enjoy the benefits of this top-of-the-line brake technology. The MT900 features Ice-Tech technology which is Shimano’s best-in-category heat management system. Brake heat from long descents sucks power from your brakes, ...


Shimano | SM-RT64 Brake Rotor w/ Lock Ring 160mm

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SHIMANO SM-RT64 BRAKE ROTOR W/ LOCK RINGCONSISTENT BRAKING PERFORMANCEStopping is equally as important as going fast. If you can't come to a complete stop in a reasonable amount of time, it might be disastrous. The Shimano SM-RT64 Brake Rotor w/ Lock Ring delivers powerful and consistent braking performance in all riding conditions. It uses a center lock mounting system that makes installing and removing the rotor quick and easy. FeaturesCompatible with both resin and metal ...


Shimano | SM-RT54 Centerlock Rotor 180mm, Centerlock, with Lockring

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Shimano RT54M Centerlock Rotor The Shimano RT54 center lock disc rotors are the perfect rotors to replace your old worn out ones. The RT54m includes a standard type rotor lockring. Please note: This rotor is for use with resin pads only. Includes standard rotor lock ring Requires SM-HB20 external type rotor lockring when installing onto 15/20mm axle hub | Shimano | SM-RT54 Centerlock Rotor 180mm, Centerlock, with Lockring


Shimano | SM-Rtad05 Disc Rotor Adaptor Black

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Shimano SM-RTAD05 Disc Rotor Adaptor It's never fun when you realize that because of compatibility issues you're unable to use that new part you're excited about. Luckily, there are a few masterminds out there who know how to solve these types of quandaries. As you may know, Shimano's proprietary center-lock hubs cannot mount the standard 6-bolt rotors. Many find this limiting. Cleverly, the SM-RTAD05 Disc Rotor Adaptor adapts standard 6-bolt rotors to Center-Lock hubs. Ride ...


Shimano | R160P/D Disc Brake Adaptor 160mm Rotor, 74mm Caliper , Flat-Mount

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Shimano R160P/D Disc Brake Adaptor Nearly any rotor size can be installed onto any frame or fork. You just need the right adaptor. This one mounts a 160mm post mount 74mm disc caliper to the rear of flat-mount frame. Features Alloy construction Includes mounting hardware | Shimano | R160P/D Disc Brake Adaptor 160mm Rotor, 74mm Caliper , Flat-Mount